Redecorating Your Child’s Room, Made Simple

redecorating your childs room

While a lot of you parents out there may dread the idea of having to redecorate your child’s bedroom – it can actually be rather fun. Whether you’re decorating because it’s due a clean out and you’ve become carried away and want it to have a whole new look. Or maybe your child is getting a little older now and is outgrowing all the baby stuff – embrace the transition.

Not only can it be quite exciting, but it can be therapeutic too. It’s almost a right of passage that comes when your child is getting that little bit older, and you’re faced with accepting that change. So see it as something good, and have fun with it. Here’s where to start.


You might find that your child needs a bigger bed, so you’ll need to look in stores to find what’s suitable. It’s often a lot easier to search online as there is a lot more variety to choose from, so look at brands like Lifetime furniture to see what they can offer you. While you’re browsing, consider whether you need to get a new wardrobe to put away clothes neatly to avoid any clutter being created. It’s very common for drawers to end up overflowing with clothes because they’re too full, and then the drawers get jammed and you’re left with clothes scattered all around the floor because you’ve given up. Don’t let this happen, just ensure that you have the right storage put in place. And make sure your child knows where they should be putting their things.

redecorating your childs bedroom


Have a word with your child and ask them if there’s any particular theme they’d like to follow in their room. This may be things like superheroes, Disney princesses, or a wild jungle theme. Just be very careful when deciding – you know your child better than anyone, and while they may come up with something cool and random, they may just as easily go off it the next day. So don’t just go with the first idea they have. Rooms don’t necessarily need a theme though, you can just choose some nice colours that compliment one another. Feature walls are a great way of adding some depth to the space, without having to spend endless amounts of money on items and accessories. So go for a bold colour on one of the walls that’s fun. Think about your child’s personality and use that to drive an idea forward.

It’s really that simple. Many people think that redecorating a room means so much work and time and effort and money, but that’s absolutely not the case at all. It can be as easy as you make it, as long as you know what you’re doing. So before getting stressed out, write down a brief plan of action of any ideas that you have, along with any essential areas that you need to cover, like buying a new lamp for example. And then you’re good to go.

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