Selling Up? Make Sure Your Home Stands Out

Selling your home shouldn’t be a difficult task, but it is! It seems that now, we are in direct competition with anybody within a thousand yards from us, meaning that we’ve got to work hard at making our house stand out so that it’s snapped up quickly. But when you’re trying to sell your home, what can you do to make it head and shoulders above the rest? Are there any tried and tested methods, or have you got to rack your brain for something new?

Get A Fresh Pair Of Eyes

We might think that our home is perfect and ready to go, but it’s always better to get someone else’s opinion on this. Either if you’re looking for a professional, like a home inspector to give your home the once over so that it’s safe and structurally sound, or by hiring interior designers to give their honest opinion on whether your home is just not with the times, we can always benefit from a second opinion. Bringing your home into the present is going to be one of the best ways to keep ahead of the market.

Make It Ready To View

As soon as your house goes on the market, you need your home ready, at a moment’s notice, to look perfect. That means keeping on top of the chores around the house, and making sure there’s no mess anywhere, but also checking that your personality has been removed from the property. Why is this? Because we need to sell our home, it has to be a blank canvas. People can picture themselves living in your property better when you’ve removed all traces of your personality. This means keeping your home decorated with the basics.

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Pep Up The Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the single most defining factor when people decide if they want to live in your property or not. So look outside your house, is it enticing? If not, make sure that the front of the house has a new lick of paint, there are no glaring problems as far as structure is concerned, but also making sure that your driveway and sidewalk are paved and presentable. It’s a little touch, but make sure that when someone views your home, that your car isn’t in the driveway. At least then, people can picture themselves pulling up to the driveway. It’s better to help people get a feel for the home, and this will help influence their decision making.

Take Good Photos

You’ll be surprised how much of an impact this has! If you go on a site like Gumtree and look at interior photos, they’re not always particularly flattering! So, instead, try your best to get these photos as glamorous as possible. Make sure each photo opportunity is sufficiently lit, as it is these pictures that will stick out on an estate agent’s website, and will entice people further.

Making your home stand out is not as easy as you’d think. But by addressing these four points right away, you are doing your house a service, and you can get it sold off quicker, which will make life easier for you, and reduce the annoyances involved with selling your home.

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