Man Grooming || July 2016

man grooming

I believe just because you are a man doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of yourself. So with this in mind, I bring you some man grooming ideas to keep smelling sweet. Here you will find some great products to help you to polish your look, including a watch.

As always, these have been independently tested by me, but seeing as it’s a man review I had a guinea pig. No, don’t worry, no animals were hurt, but my husband has been harassed, his showers interrupted, and his pores inspected. He loved every minute of it. Man grooming is his thing. Also, I have provided links to websites that sell these goodies. If you choose to click through and buy these products you will help keep us stocked up on cheap coffee and cheesecake.

Imperial Leather Shower Gels

man grooming
Imperial Leather Ginseng Mens Shower, 250ml
There is a rule that the opposite sex like people who shower. That’s not true. It’s not just the opposite sex. Everyone should shower. Imperial Leather shower gels are great for getting fresh with a manly scent. These have a fragrance to help wake you up in the morning and get you ready to face the day. They also work for hair and body so there is no need to mess about with different products first thing in the morning.

Nivea Men Originals Rehydrating Moisturiser

man grooming
NIVEA Men Originals Rehydrating Moisturiser, 75ml
It doesn’t matter if you shave every day or not, you need to keep your skin moisturised. Keeping your skin hydrated helps prevent your skin producing excess oils which cause spots. This moisturiser will give your skin a drink after shaving or just keep it soft every day so you don’t need to worry about dry skin. No more flaky bits, yay!

Witch Blemish Stick

man grooming
Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick, 10g
If you have been a naughty boy and haven’t been moisturising then there is a good chance that you have suffered the odd pimple. Don’t despair and try out a Witch Stick. Dab this on a spot a few times and it will reduce the size and redness. The stick contains witch hazel which is a natural antiseptic which kills the bacteria that causes spots. This will help turn any teenage spots to nothing in no time.

Nivea Men 48 hour Stress Protect Deodorant

man grooming
Nivea Men Stress Protect 48 Hours Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray, 250 ml – Pack of 3
Being a man can be stressful. If you guys aren’t slogging it out building things, then you’re flexing your muscles in the gym. So you need something to help keep any nasty whiffs at bay. This deodorant has a neutral smell that protects against sweat. It does have a slight manly scent but it isn’t overpowering, so it won’t mask the smell of your aftershave. This stuff is good if you you work long shifts rather than a 9-5 and showers are maybe a couple of days between each other. Don’t worry, I don’t judge.

Davidoff Adventure

man grooming
Davidoff Adventure EDT Spray 100 ml
I will admit, I’m a bit terrible at putting my finger on smells sometimes. The scent has a spicy but woody hint to it. It has a warm but wild smell that has been inspired by nature but it won’t seem out of place in the office. This is a scent for those guys who prefer a slightly heavier fragrance.

Hugo Boss Watch

man grooming
1512617 Hugo Boss Men’s Watch Analogue Quartz Silver Dial Steel Bracelet
This is a stylish piece that would look great on any wrist. The stainless steel wristband is adjustable so you don’t have to worry about the size. The black face and silver numbers make it look more James Bond than James Pond. It has a quartz movement and a date dial so that you can keep track of what date it is. Very important if you need to keep track of all your appointments with the ladies.

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