The 27 Club

27 club

The 27 Club is something very special. It is an exclusive club of musicians that you do not want to join.  The only requirement is that you are dead. Here are 27 members of the exclusive 27 Club.

27 Club #1- Amy Winehouse

British singer/songwriter known for her soulful voice and beehive hair died 23rd July 2011 of alcohol poisoning. Amy had a history of drug and alcohol abuse throughout her career. She was found by her bodyguard after drinking for several days.

27 Club #2- Kurt Cobain

The lead singer of Nirvana battled depression and drug abuse for years before he killed himself with a shotgun on 5th April 1994. He was discovered by an electrician who had called at his home to install an alarm system, he had been dead for several days.

27 Club #3- Jim Morrison

Lead singer of The Doors died in France on 3rd July 1971 from a suspected heart attack. An autopsy was never performed as under French law there was no requirement because there was no evidence of foul play. Others believe he died of a drug overdose.

27 Club #4- Janis Joplin

The Queen of Psychedelic Soul was found dead on 4th October 1970 of a drug overdose. She was discovered at her hotel in Hollywood when she failed to show up for a recording session.

27 Club #5- Jimi Hendrix

One of the greatest guitar players in the history of rock and roll, Jimi died on 18 September 1970 of asphyxiation after choking on his one vomit. He had taken some of his friends sleeping tablets and ingested 18 times the recommended dose.

27 Club #6- Brian Jones

Rolling Stone founding member died 3rd July 1969 when he drowned in his pool.

27 Club #7- Dickie Pride

Pop singer Dickie suffered from mental health problems and died from a drug overdose on 26th March 1969.

27 Club #8- Joe Henderson

The R&B singer died of a heart attack on 25th October 1964

27 Club #9- Rudy Lewis

Gospel singer who worked with the Drifters died on 20th May 1964 of a probable drugs overdose.

27 Club #10- Alexandre Levy

Brazilian composer, pianist, and conductor is the first known member of the Forever 27 Club having died 17th January 1892.

27 Club #11- Kristen Pfaff

Bassist for the band Hole died at her apartment on 16th June 1994 of a drug overdose.

27 Club #12- D Boon

Guitarist for the Minutemen was killed in an accident 22nd December 1985 when the van he was travelling in went off the road and D Boon was thrown from the back, breaking his neck instantly.

27 Club #13- Linda Jones

Soul singer died on 14th March 1972 between shows when she slipped into a diabetic coma.

27 Club #14- Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson

Leader of the band Canned Heat had a history of depression and a few months before he died, he had been hospitalised because of it and had made an attempt of his life by driving his car off the freeway. He died 3rd September 1970 of a drug overdose.

27 Club #15- Jesse Belvin

Popular in the 1950’s as a singer and piano player was killed in a car accident 6th February 1960 when his driver had fallen asleep at the wheel of the car.

27 Club #16- Robert Johnson

The death of Robert Johnson is still covered in mystery. It was rumoured that he was poisoned by a jealous husband who spiked a bottle of whiskey after Johnson flirted with his wife. He died 16th August 1938.

27 Club #17- Louis Chauvin

Considered one of the finest pianists in St Louis at the beginning of the 20th century, Chauvin died 26th March 1908 in hospital. The official cause of death is listed as multiple sclerosis but some people believe it was syphilis or sickle cell anemia.

27 Club #18- Richie Edwards

Was the fourth member of the Manic Street Preachers who went missing on 1st February 1995. His car was found near a known suicide spot but family and friends insisted that he wouldn’t take his own life, despite the fact that he was known for self-harming and suffered depression. He was declared presumed deceased in November 2008.

27 Club #19- Sean McCabe

The lead singer of Ink and Dagger was found dead in a motel room on 28th August 2000 after passing out and choking on his own vomit.

27 Club #20- Jeremy Michael Ward

Sound technician and vocal operator for The Mars Volta died at his home on 25th May 2003 with what appeared to be a heroin overdose.

27 Club #21- Mia Zapata

One of the more tragic deaths on the list, Zapata, who was the lead singer for The Gits, was beaten, possibly raped, and strangled on 7th July 1993. Jesus Mezquia was convicted of her murder in 2004 and is currently serving 36 years in prison.

27 Club #22- Peter Ham

Songwriter and guitarist for Badfinger hung himself in his garage on 24th April 1975 after falling out with the band’s manager. His suicide note said that their manager was a “soulless bastard”.

27 Club #23- Dave Alexander

The original bassist for The Stooges died of a pulmonary oedema on 10th February 1975 after suffering from year of alcohol abuse.

27 Club #24- Chris Bell

Guitarist and vocalist for the band Big Star, Bell was killed in a car accident on 27th December 1978 when he left band practice. He was driving his Triumph TR-7 when he lost control of his car and hit a lamppost. The post fell on top of the car and killed him instantly.

27 Club #25- Pete De Freitas

The drummer for Echo and The Bunnymen, De Freitas was killed in a motorbike accident on 14th June 1989. He was riding his 900cc Ducati through Staffordshire when he had a collision with a car at around 4pm.

27 Club #26- Valentin Elizalde

Mexican singer was gunned down along with his chauffeur and his assistant on 25th November 2006 in what is believed to be a gang attack by Loz Zetas, a drug trafficking gang in Mexico. It is believed that one of his songs that was performed at a concert contained lyrics that antagonize.

27 Club #27- Freaky Tah

Member of the hip-hop group The Lost Boyz, Freaky Tah (real name Raymond Rogers) was shot in the back of the head on 28th March 1999 while heading to a friends birthday party. Kelvin Jones pleaded guilty to the murder. The getaway driver was also sentenced for his part in the shooting.

image source- Amy Winehouse

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