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healthy eating cooking channels

Healthy eating is everywhere these days. You can’t shake a stick at Instagram without a million healthy eating pictures popping up. But let’s forget about #foodporn for the moment. Have you ever wanted to eat a bit better but didn’t know where to start? Never fear! Seeing as I live on YouTube now (and the internet in general) I have the answer for you. I have searched for some of the best healthy cooking YouTube channels to help you get your new healthy lifestyle off to a flying start. These healthy cooking YouTube channels and videos will ensure you have all the tricks and tools you need to rustle up delectable goodies at home; delectable goodies that are low in fat and calories. Hurray!

Baking Mad Gym Addict

Lozza describes herself as the baking mad gym addict who loves to cook. She believes that eating clean shouldn’t mean eating tasteless food. Lozza has a variety of recipes that will make your mouth water and your body happy, as well as showing you how to prep your meals for the week ahead. She also loves her puns as much as her buns so keep an ear out for her one-liners and dad jokes too.

Favourite video: Easy clean pancake recipe


Fresh Fit Beauty

There is nothing worse than eating the same things over and over again. If you have ever been stuck with for ideas of what to eat then the “what I ate today” videos are a great source of inspiration. These two teenagers are showing that you can never be too young to take control of your health with good food. This is one of our favourite healthy cooking YouTube channels by far!

Favourite video: Healthy vegetarian recipes


Lean Secrets

Fancy something a little bit naughty but don’t want to ruin your diet? Brenda knows all the tricks to give your sweet tooth a fix without blowing all your hard work. But it’s not all tasty pies and dinners, Brenda will show you the basics of clean eating and how to make the must-have ingredients, like almond milk, and how to use them.

Favourite video: Lean pumpkin spiced latte



If there was ever a guy who seems to know what he is talking about in terms of healthy cooking, it’s this guy. He can explain the science behind what you are eating as well as giving tasty recipe ideas. It’s not just about weight loss but weight gain too; so anyone who wants to bulk up those muscles will find something here as well.

Favourite video: Lemon garlic shrimp over spelt pasta


Fit men cook

With over a hundred recipes to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice here. I love the fun names that they give their food, like the Superman Sliders. For you guys and girls who want to feed the brain as well as the body, there are Spanish subtitles at the bottom of most videos. They also have an app which runs alongside the channel so you won’t even need to watch YouTube to get their help.

Favourite video: Superman hero sweet potato slider melts


Life With Katie

Katie’s focus is on keeping healthy eating simple and tasty. Instead of giving just one healthy eating idea in a video, Katie can give you a full week’s worth of ideas in five minutes. She also shares her own meal plans and vlogs about healthy eating to help keep you inspired.

Favourite video: Healthy breakfast ideas


Cambria Joy

Joy by name, joy by nature. There are so many videos on this channel that will make you laugh whilst learning how to eat clean. This channel is all about having fun with your healthy food, which just makes us want to eat it even more! As far as healthy cooking YouTube channels go, this is definitely one of the most fun.

Favourite video: Healthy delicious dessert ideas


Niomi Smart

Niomi’s ideas for salads are fun and easy to make. She doesn’t rush when she shows you what to do and really takes her time to show you how it is done. This is great if you are new to cooking and preparing healthy meals. Her food is eye-catching and looks amazing.

Favourite video: Healthy rainbow salad


That’s it for my top choices for healthy cooking YouTube channel. I hope I’ve given you plenty of inspiration to start eating clean. Don’t forget I also have a post dedicated to fitness channels and workout videos to help your healthy lifestyle go even further.

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