Latte Lindsay’s Top GoPro Videos On YouTube


If there is one way of capturing the action, it’s with a GoPro camera. Now GoPro videos are everywhere, but some of those videos are better than others. Don’t worry though, I have searched the dark places of YouTube so that you don’t have to; finding some of the most epic GoPro videos out there. Each one of these videos will take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride, so bring tissues or some clean underpants!

Skyscraper climbing

Ever fancied scaring yourself stupid by climbing up a building? Well, you don’t have to do anything because these guys have it covered! Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this video. These guys are above the clouds, CLOUDS! Climbing a steel structure with little or no safety equipment. The comments section on YouTube lead us to believe that they had base jumping packs on, but still, the higher they went, the dizzier I felt!



A pelican takes flight 

This is one for you animal lovers. When a pelican was abandoned by his flock he was taken in by the staff at Greystoke Mahale in Tanzania. The staff taught the bird to fly by running up and down the beach, flapping their arms, until the big birdie could fly himself. All together now, awww!



Faith in humanity restored

The smoke of a house fire is deadly to everyone in the house, animals included. When this firefighter’s torch shone on the little kitten on the floor, I cried. But if you can get past that bit you get to see all the action. The firefighter tries to save the little munchkins life, and spoiler alert, he does! We dare you not to watch this one without tissues!



Whistle-stop tour of Chile

Filming on a bike seems to be one of the most popular GoPro ideas. But this one is different from all the rest. Shot with multiple cameras including several GoPro cameras attached to themselves, this video takes you sightseeing the most awesome way. Rallying around the colourful streets of Chile at high speed past the colourful houses and amazing locals is enough to make you wish that you were there with them.



Let’s go play in the snow

Another video that has been filmed in Chile, this time up in the Andes. Follow three snowbunnies as they scare the life out of everyone by throwing themselves at the mercy of gravity with nothing but a board strapped to their feet. The stunning snow, the view, and the speeds that these guys reach is incredible. As far as GoPro videos go, this one is pretty epic!



Today, you swim with the fishes

Swim little fishes, swim! There is nothing like seeing wildlife up close. I can’t wait until I can explore what is under the sea. But if you are feeling impatient as I am, and can’t wait to get your diving license then check out this video. Swim through the crystal clear waters with your scuba guides to see the colourful fish, explore some caves, and watch a lot of sharks swim around you. No, it hasn’t helped. Quick! Pass the goggles and let’s go!



Basejumping madmen

Anyone who chooses to jump off a building with a small parachute is crazy in my book, but these guys think that this sort of thing is amazing. Isn’t basejumping supposed to be one of the most dangerous sports in the world? This video follows the adventures of the jumpers during an event in 2012. I think I will stick to just watching out the window.



Super GoPro

Ok, technically this video was done with a drone but it is kind of cool. I can’t be the only one to think about what it would be like to have a GoPro camera strapped to Superman for the day. Just let me and my husband indulge our inner geeks for a few minutes. This is one of our favourite GoPro videos just for the pure hilarity of it.



Inner Peace with Sharks

Who knew that one of the scariest animals in the sea could be one of the most soothing too? Take a piggy back ride with some sharks and explore some shipwrecks with this video. Despite this being a swim with sharks, this video is really calming and serene. If you are ever feeling stressed out, watching these guys underwater will have you in your happy place in no time.



Lights, camera, armed robbery

This video shows how something simple can turn deadly, without warning. Despite this starting out as a simple bike ride video, it turns pretty scary very quickly! We can not imagine how scared this guy actually was having a gun pulled out on him like that. The area that he was in, Buenos Aires, Argentina, is notorious for gun crime and murder – so he is really lucky to have gotten out of there with his life.



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