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1st to Die James Patterson Womens Murder Club

Sometimes, a book series may have been out for a while. And while it is tempting to jump in and review the most recent title, it doesn’t make sense to do that. I like to start at the beginning. This virtual meeting of the KappaCino Book Club we will start with 1st to Die by James Patterson.

The Plot

This is the first book in the Women’s Murder Club series by James Patterson and introduces us to the main characters. The main character is Lindsay Boxer, a San Francisco homicide detective. The story focuses on a series of grizzly murders in San Francisco of young married couples. Lindsay is in a race against time to find the killer before the killer strike again.  Although this is the main focus in 1st to Die, there is a sub-story of Lindsay’s health problems and how she meets Cindy Thomas, a local journalist. Lindsay is horrified by what she sees at the crime scenes. The murders get dubbed the Honeymoon Murders and Lindsay has a serial killer to track down.

Thoughts on the story

1st to Die introduces us to a lot of different characters and emotions. For me, it was important that I wasn’t overloaded with information, especially seeing as more information about the characters can be built on over time and in other books. The chapters were short and easy to read which is great if you don’t normally read. The information that was in the book was presented in a way that you won’t feel stupid. An example is when Claire Washburn, the coroner, is explaining what she has found, she teases her friend with little bits of information. This way we get a full explanation in the form of a character’s thought process, rather than being spoon fed information like we are idiots.

Thoughts on the Author

James Patterson has previously found success with another series of novels centred around Alex Cross. This time, he has chosen to bring the same format but with a strong female group of characters. Patterson has managed to bring the emotional turmoil of the main character, Lindsay, to life. But even though he has looked at the emotional aspects of the character, I think he falls short in certain places. The way Patterson describes Lindsay’s thoughts about being a female detective doesn’t really sit well with me. Sure, it might be difficult to be a female in a mostly male environment but there is no need to bang on about it.


As an introduction to the Women’s Murder Club, I think Patterson done pretty well. This book has set the stage for what will be coming in future books and I am excited to see how these characters progress and evolve. There is plenty of room for the characters to grow and change.

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  1. I’ve heard a lot about James Patterson but still never read any of his. This sounds a bit like the VI Warshawski novels, which I loved, so I’ll keep an eye out, thanks.

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