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Finding a top workout is one of those things that everyone wants. And seeing as summer is upon us which can mean only one thing, it’s bikini time ladies! If you are anything like me then there is a good chance you aren’t a fan of the gym. It’s boring, expensive, and you can never be too sure if the sweaty person who used the machine before wiped it down properly. And don’t even get me started on yoga mats at the gym that are there in case you forget to bring yours! There are the tales of a thousand sweaty feet hidden in the foam of those mats. In fact, I here are my thoughts on yoga. But what can we do? Is there a way that we can get fit in the comfort of our home? Of course there is, welcome to the internet! A place where anything is possible!

The Best Workout Videos and Fitness Channels

Youtube is the perfect way to get in shape for the summer from the comfort of your own home, for free! Here are some of my favourite fitness channels and workout videos that will get you bikini ready in no time.  These videos will help you get fit and healthy, whilst working on toning your best assets (from bums to tums).

Top workout with…..Blogilates

I love this girl! Cassie is so excited to have you watch her videos and her energy just makes me want to push harder. But she doesn’t push you in her videos, it’s more excited encouragement in-between chit-chats. She is always saying “You look good!” which I like, even if it might be a bit shallow. Her studio is bright and girly, not that this really matters but it’s pretty to look at when your abs are burning. It isn’t just workout videos that you will find on this channel, Cassie also dishes out eating tips and vlogs.

Favourite video: 5 Minute Long Lean Legs



Top workout with……XHIT Daily

Ever wanted to know how you can burn off 100 calories in 5 minutes? Or get legs like a Victoria’s Secret model? There are a few different people who present on this channel and I don’t have a favourite person. This is more of an intense channel than Blogilates but still just as fun. There is also a selection of 5 minute workouts so you can fit one of these in anytime of the day. But with all those catchy titles you might be tempted to do more than one at a time.

Favourite video: How to burn off a Starbucks Frappuccino in 5 minutes



Top workout with…..Athlean-XX for Women

Feel like kicking the intensity up a gear? Then check out the ladies at Athlean-XX for Woman. These girls are hardcore! Do you fancy trying a 1,000 calorie burning workout? I had never heard of a “Russian Twist” until I watched these guys. But it’s not all scary fat blasting videos, there are tips for weight management and others for mobility. These ladies know their stuff when it comes to fitness. This isn’t just about looking good, this is about being strong too.

Favourite video: Shoulder mobility exercises



Top workout with….Body Rock

This is another high intensity channel with the focus on muscles. “Strong is Sexy” is their motto. If you like to have a fitness programme that can be built on, then check out their bootcamp videos or the 21 day challenge workouts. There is a variety of different programmes and workouts to choose from, so much more than your local gym has to offer!

Favourite video: Any of their Yoga flow videos



Top workout with…..Fitness Blender

This husband and wife team have over 750 workout videos for you to choose from. they range from quick and easy workouts to get you started, to very intense workouts that will have you in a puddle by the end. Or maybe tears. Even if you did a different workout every day with them, it would still take you over two years to complete every one of them. This channel is run by husband and wife, Daniel and Kelli and they take their fitness very seriously.

Favourite video: Kickboxing and yoga workout


Top workout with…..Love Sweat Fitness

This is another fun chick who is really bubbly. Katie lost 45lbs and set up her own channel to show everyone how she lost the weight with different exercises to be done at home. This girl is really inspiration so if you need someone to help pick up your confidence to, then listen to her story. Katie’s workouts can be a bit longer than some of the other channels so it’s great if you have 30 minutes or a full hour for a workout.

Favourite video: My weight loss story



Top workout with….K’s perfect fitness TV

Kristen’s workouts are for long and lean bodies. Her videos are all filmed in the most beautiful locations with sunshine. Sometimes I find myself forgetting that I’m working out, I’m so focused on the beautiful background! And feeling very jealous, I’m not going to lie. Can you burn calories with jealousy? You can do yoga at the beach or fat blasting on a sunny rooftop. Kristen’s videos are so laid-back and relaxed, she makes every move look effortless. This is one for you peps who prefer your workouts to be a bit more relaxed and chilled out.

Favourite video: 5 minute booty workout



Top workout with….TNT Fitness

Do you like fit French men? You do? Then take yourself over to TNT fitness and listen to the boys take you through a workout while whispering French nothings in your ear. Ok, maybe not. If you can speak French then these guys are great fun. I like this channel because it’s a workout for my brain too. Have you tried to workout and keep up with fast-talking French? It’s a different type of challenge!

Favourite video: Cheatmeal


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