18 Totally Gross Thing People Found In Their Fast Food

18 gross things found in fast food

We all know that fast food can be gross and generally unhealthy for us. What we don’t know is what is in there. And we don’t want to know either. But some people have gotten a real wake-up call when they found gross things in their food.

Dead mouse in Coffee

Ron Morais claimed that he had found a dead mouse in his McDonald’s coffee after he had finished drinking it. He popped the lid off to drink the last bit and was shocked to find a dead mouse and some mouse “presents”.

Human Skin

In 2005 David Scheiding of Tipp City, Ohio went to his local Arby’s for a quick bite to eat. As he was tucking into his burger he noticed a piece of human skin, complete with a fingerprint in his food. Turns out the manager had cut himself while shredding lettuce.

Human blood on the side

Brianna Ralston was enjoying her meal at Taco Bell in Louisville when she saw something was wrong. All around her meal was smeared blood. An employee had cut open their finger and bleed all over the food that Briana was about to eat.

Fried mice

In 2003, Tony Hill had gone to Popeyes in Baltimore City. When he was eating his meal he found a deep-fried mouse in with the chicken. Although this sounds far-fetched, this Popeyes restaurant was known for having a rodent problem.


Burger King is supposed to make your burger your way. But one customer didn’t remember asking for this extra. In 2007 Van Miguel Hartless took his burger home after dealing with a rude employee. He took one bite out of his burger and found an unwrapped condom in the middle of his Whopper.

ChickenHead McNugget

In 2000 Katherine Ortega had ordered some chicken McNuggets from her local McDonald’s. When her order arrived, she was horrified to see a deep-fried chicken head mixed in with her nuggets. After the find, she decided that she would cook her own food from now on.

Glass burger

An NYPD officer got a shock while eating his Big Mac in McDonald’s one day. An employee had put shards of glass in the burger. The officer cut his mouth badly and the employee was charged with felony assault and McDonald’s was left with a massive lawsuit.


In 2004, Olivia Chanes of Irvine California was enjoying a hot dog when she noticed something odd. She bit into something metal which turned out to be a live 9mm round. She then started having stomach pains and a x-ray showed that she had swallowed another bullet from the hotdog.


An employee from Burger King was busted in 2010 after customers found blue pills in their burgers. Woody Duclos had put hydrocodone into people’s burgers for some reason, he never said why he had done it. Seeing as they were powerful painkillers, we can only imagine what went through his mind.


In 2001, Angelina Cruz was in her local Burger King. When she bit into her Burger King Breakfast sandwich she got a sharp pain in her cheek. She removed a piece of a syringe needle from the inside of her mouth. She was left terrified at the thought of catching a disease from the random needle she just tried to eat.

Nail Burger

A Swedish man claimed that he found ¾ inch nails in his burger from McDonald’s. Yushuf Bercil from Gothenburg had taken his first bite from the burger when he bit into a nail. The nail ended up lodged in his gum between his teeth.

Arby’s finger roll

Poor 14-year-old Ryan Hart ordered a Roast Beef sandwich from Arby’s recently and got a nasty surprise. When he bit into his burger he noticed something “rubbery” inside. Turns out, an employee was missing a finger and staff were looking everywhere for it.

Band-aid pizza

The last thing you would expect to find in your pizza is a bright blue band-aid on your pizza but that’s what happened to Ken Wieczerza of New York. He had gotten a pizza from his local Pizza Hut and discovered the band-aid baked into the crust. And we thought they were blue so things like this didn’t happen.

Chicken nuts

Sharon Neat from Kent was horrified to find a metal nut in a chicken burger in 2011. Her husband had given their daughter a bite of his burger when the nut was discovered. KFC gave the family a full refund but the Neat family have said they will never eat there again.

BLT- Blood, lettuce and tomato

In June 2011, Susan Mosher found human blood in her meal from Cracker Barrel in Kingwood, Texas. Mosher had ordered a BLT and fries from the restaurant and did not expect the B in BLT to stand for blood. An employee had cut himself earlier and hadn’t noticed that he had gotten blood over the meal.

Wire Brush

A diner at a McDonald’s in the UK was shocked to find a wire brush in his meal. In 2010, Brett Stephens had got a Chicken Legend meal from his local McDonald’s when he discovered a 5-inch wire brush poking out of it. To make matters worse, staff laughed in his face when they were shown the burger.

Smokey rice

A woman had ordered some fried rice her local Chinese takeaway when she discovered the end of a cigarette mixed into it. Tracy Antoine from Chatham discovered it the next day when she was reheating the rice for a snack. The restaurant denies that anyone smoked in the kitchen and that Antoine made the whole thing up.

Maggot Burger

An Australian man just wanted to check that his burger had extra pickles when he found his Big Mac filled with maggots. Leigh Savage made the discovery in 2011 at his local restaurant and had to report it to the police when staff wouldn’t take him seriously.

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