15 more random facts about sex

15 more random facts about sex

My mum was suitably horrified by my last post, but she was intrigued. So here we are, 15 more random facts about sex that may or may not be true, just for you mum.

  1.  Old people are having so much sex these days that they are suffering from a massive spike in STD’s. Age doesn’t matter,  when you are using adult dating sites you need to be smart and be safe.
  2. To help prevent the spread of STI’s, it is said that you shouldn’t shave your pubes. That hair down there is designed to help prevent the spread of disease but it isn’t an excuse for not using protection.
  3. If you are looking for some no strings dating, then here is a great fact, apparently, the larger a mans testicles the more likely he is to cheat.
  4. One in ten babies in Europe is conceived on an Ikea bed. My brother works there and every time I walk through there to meet him for coffee now I will have a real giggle.
  5. Female penguins can be real whores. No really, female penguins have been observed in a form of animal prostitution by taking shiny pebbles for sex.
  6. If you are a man and wanting some babies then you might want to avoid using a bicycle. Male cyclists can run the risk of impotence.
  7. If you are looking for a man that can go all night from a naughty dating site, then go for a larger man. Men who are a bit chunky can last a lot longer in the sack.
  8. Over half the porn traffic in the world comes from straight men, and the most searched thing is transgender porn.
  9. I’m not sure if there is any information titled- “Glasgow sex: number of deaths”, but I can tell you that four Popes have died while doing the nasty. Keep in mind, these are Popes and they aren’t supposed to be doing that.
  10. Left testicles hang lower than the right. If you feel the need to do your own research on this one, I won’t judge you.
  11. Believe it or not, Manchester sex is a thing. The name comes from a video that surfaced of a man and women who were filmed having sex while high on drugs at 11:30 in the morning.
  12. Fancy a snog? The human mouth is host to over 500 million types of bacteria. Just think of that the next time some creep wants to play tonsil tennis with you.
  13. Ladies, are you enjoying your orgasms? Well, then I hate to tell you that the female orgasm is designed to help with pregnancy by pushing sperm up and into the baby making machine. Awesome.
  14. But on the flip side, if a woman is ovulating, then she is more likely to cheat. The reason? Those eggs need to be fertilized and if her partner isn’t up to the job, then she will go hunting somewhere else.
  15. But let’s take a moment to feel for the ladies of Alabama and Mississippi where sex toys are banned. That’s a long drive for a vibrator.

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