15 random facts about sex

15 random facts about sex

Sex, sex, the wonderful fruit, the more you….wait that’s wrong. There are loads of facts out there about sex and these are some of my favourite random facts that may or may not be true, but they will definitely make a conversation more interesting. Sorry mum.

  1. Oral sex used to be illegal in Canada but they changed the law in 1969 *wink wink*. Meanwhile, anal sex was illegal in England and Wales between 1533 and 1861. If you were caught, it was punishable by death.
  2. Sperm contains a lot of information, but what did you expect, it helps to make a human. The average sperm has 37.5 MB of DNA data. A total “information transfer” that a woman can receive is around 15,875 GB which is the same as 62 Mac Book Pro laptops.
  3. Women and men who like the taste of beer are around 60% more likely to have sex on a first date. I’m not sure what that percentage is if both people on the date like beer. Does it go up? If it does, it definitely sounds like a case of Match Me Happy for everyone involved.
  4. Around a third of Japanese adults are virgins. I wonder why? Haven’t they ever heard of free dating sites to help them get out there? If anyone knows why, let me know in the comments.
  5. Need to get rid of wrinkles? Sperm is supposed to have some amazing anti-wrinkle properties for smoothing the skin.
  6. Humans are the only mammals that have swollen boobs all year round. Other mammals only have swollen breasts when they are nursing their young.
  7. Some condoms are not suitable for vegans because they are made with a certain type of latex. Some latex uses a milk protein in the manufacturing process. Always make sure you check the labels when you are buying condoms, and if you have met someone on a dating site like We Love Dates, you will probably find out if they are vegan without having to ask awkward questions.
  8. The FDA has never approved a condom as safe of anal sex but they recommend using one.
  9. The sound of the velociraptor screech in Jurassic Park was the sound of tortoises having sex.
  10. Have you ever wondered why you don’t see bonobo chimps in the zoo? They aren’t very family friendly animals because they constantly have sex. Just keep that in mind when planning a date. But if you happen to be in Bristol dating, you can book a nicer experience in the Bristol Zoo like feeding the penguins instead.
  11. In the USA, around 1% of births claim to be virgin births.
  12. There is a mushroom that can make a woman orgasm just by smelling it.
  13. A woman has around an 80% chance of having an orgasm if she is wearing socks. Without socks? It’s only 50% of the time. Can you list socks on as a preference on dating sites?
  14. If you eat or drink caffeine, it will caffeinate your sperm.
  15. Got a stuffy nose? Have an orgasm! The rush of adrenaline can open airways and reduce the swelling in your nose.

Are these all true? I have no idea but I’m sure they will make for some interesting conversation when you are on a date or just want to break the ice. Do you know any other random facts about sex that would make an interesting conversation? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out my other random facts posts including 5 facts about dating in the Middle Ages and random facts about dating.

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