15 more random facts about sex that you need to know

15 more random facts about sex that you need to know

I’ve been talking about sex a lot recently, and why not? Without it, the human race wouldn’t survive. So do we need to know everything about it? Yes, the more you know the better it can be. Here are 15 more random facts about the horizontal tango that you need to know.

  1. An apple a day can keep the doctor away. Actually, if you throw an apple hard enough, it will keep anyone away. But, eating an apple a day is said to improve your sex life. They don’t call apples the Devils Fruit for nothing! But it is probably the vitamins that are found in apples that help to keep things healthy and sexy.
  2. Traveling the world is the best time for one night stands. When travelers were asked to dish the dirt on their travels, nearly half of the people who answered the questions admitted that they had enjoyed a one night stand or two. Summer loving and holiday romance are still a thing for most people.
  3. Pillow talk is said to be better if you have had an orgasm.
  4. If you fancy having a fun time without having to head over to the adult dating sites, try changing your sleeping position. Apparently if you sleep on your stomach with your hands above your head, you are more likely to have a dirty dream. But the question is, who will you dream about?
  5. If you are worried about condoms affecting your sexual pleasure, then don’t. In fact, they are likely to improve the feeling because of the different lubes and textures that are available. So the next time a guy says he doesn’t like the feeling, say tough, he just hasn’t tried the right condom.
  6. Having period trouble? If you ever need to justify those no strings dating nights that you like to have, blame your period. Women who have sex at least once a week are more likely to have a regular cycle.
  7. One in five people use their smartphones while they are having sex…..WHY?! What is so interesting that you need to be on your phone while you are doing the nasty? Please, put your phone down. There is a time and a place for using your phone and the bedroom is not the place.
  8. If you are worried about hooking up with someone, don’t worry, you could end up marrying them. In fact, it is believed that around 1/3 of marriages started as a hookup. Whether or not you choose to admit that to people is another story.
  9. Being a woman in Edinburgh must be tough because these ladies like to please themselves! In a UK survey, women in Edinburgh came top of the charts when it came to masturbation. I’d love to know why, is Edinburgh sex really that bad?
  10. It shouldn’t be surprising that I have managed to find a coffee related sex fact. Apparently people are preferring coffee over sex these days. Sex just can’t compete with the buzz that comes from a good French Roast.
  11. If you fancy some naughty dating with a difference, try something crazy like a nipplegasm. No, really, they exist for some women. Will it work for you? I dunno, that’s up to you to find out.
  12. If you have a headache, then have some sex! It is said that sex can reduce the pain in headaches and migraines. That’s handy to know if you ever run out of painkillers. In fact, overall you feel less pain during sex than any other time.
  13. Fancy a bit of a workout? Sex can be as intense as a workout in the gym. It increases your heart rate and can improve flexibility but it really depends on how hardcore you go at it in the sack.
  14. If you have been finding Norfolk sex disappointing, don’t feel bad. The best (and longest lasting sex) is happening in the state of New Mexico in America.
  15. If you are looking for the best sex of your life, then look for someone to love. There have been countless studies about sexual pleasure and how to improve your love life, they all come back to the same thing. Sex is better with someone that you love. All together now, awww!

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