Race Report || Finsbury Parkrun

Parkrun is one of the nations favourite free running events. While I was in London last month, I took the opportunity to take part in the Finsbury Parkrun with my favourite running buddy, Helen from Helsbels.

This was an early start for me (6am on a Saturday!) so I could get across to meet Helen at the train station. When we arrived, we saw plenty of people warming up and getting ready to go. A few people said they had travelled down to take part from other areas. Some people were taking part in the Virgin London Marathon but others were taking part in some Parkrun tourism.

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Looking around Finsbury Park, it is fairly flat with only a gentle hill. Well, I say that,¬†but that hill wasn’t so gentle as I was running up and down it. If I’m honest, the park is really pretty and I spent more time looking around me than actual running. Besides, it was so hot! This was supposed to be one of the hottest weekends on record (and it was).

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The course is two laps around the park and it looked like it would be easy enough on a cooler day. Helen and I started off together but it didn’t take long for the heat to get to me so I decided to slow my pace down while Helen went on. Helen came in at position 469 and a time of 35:17. I trailed behind her in position 509 and a time of 43:42. Afterwards, we treated ourselves¬†to some ice-lollies, it really was hot! And there was plenty of beautiful cafes to choose from.

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If you are new to Parkruns, this is a good course to try your hand at. There is loads of room to run and you won’t be squeezed onto a small pathway with everyone else.

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