15 NBA Stars Who Broke Some Serious Records

15 NBA stars who broke records

There is nothing more incredible than watching a sportsman’s set a standard that few will live up to. In basketball, there are some records that may never be topped. Here are 15 NBA stars who have smashed the records and might never be broken.

Bill Russell

From 1957 until 1969 Bill Russell and the Celtics won an amazing 11 championships in 13 seasons. Since the league has expanded since then, it would be nearly impossible for a player or team to beat this streak.

Jose Calderon

During the 2008-2009 season, Calderon took 154 free throws and only missed three of them. If anyone is planning on beating his 98.2 FT% then they would have to make every shot for an entire season.

John Stockton

Stockton has two career records that will be difficult to break. His record for steals hit a high of 3,265 and his assists is an amazing 15,806. Anyone who is close to his record for assists is still trailing thousands behind him.

Wilt Chamberlain

During the 1961-1962 season, Chamberlain managed to get a point average of 50.8. He managed to score 50 points in 42 games. His most impressive record is 100 points in one game. He hit this milestone against the New York Knicks March 2nd, 1962. He has a total of 72 NBA records.

Scott Skiles

Skiles broke the record for the most assists in one game in 1990. During the game against the Denver Nuggets, he managed 30 assists during the one game. He got 14 of the assists in the first half of the game.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Over the course of 20 seasons, Abdul-Jabbar has reached an impressive 38,387 points. His skills have made him the most elite scorer in the history of the NBA. If some of the other players develop their skills they might hit this milestone by the end of their careers.

Gilbert Arenas

While playing with the Washington Wizards on December 17th, 2006 against the Los Angeles Lakers, Arenas took the record for most points in overtime. During the overtime, he managed 16 against the Lakers.

Rasheed Wallace

As far as records go, Wallace’s record is not one that anyone would want to break. He managed 41 technicals in the 2000-2001 season and 308 over the course of his career. No-one will ever beat that now that players are suspended after their 16th technical.

Michael Jordan

Over the course of his career, Jordan managed to break a few records. He currently has the record for most blocks in a season of 131 and most blocks in a career of 893. Jordan is considered one of the greatest players ever after his return to the 1986 season.

Hakeem Olajuwon

For all time blocks during their career, the record holder for that is Olajuwon. Over the course of his career, he managed a total of 3,830 blocks.

A.C. Green

After Green missed three games with his second season of the Los Angeles Lakers he would never miss a game again. Green played 1,192 consecutive games over the rest of his career and has the record for most consecutive games played.

Ray Allen

Allen has a shooting percentage of only 40% but that hasn’t stopped him from holding a record. Allen is the leader with three-pointers made. Over the course of his career, he made 2,973 out of 7,429 attempts.

Michael Williams

Williams made 97 consecutive free throws over the course of two seasons in the 1990’s. During his time with the Minnesota Timberwolves, he set the impressive record. His career average as a free throw shooter was 86.8%.

Derek Fisher

During his career, Fisher has attended a few playoff games. He now has the record for the most career playoff games. His record stands at 259 games over the course of his career. During this time he has played with the LA Lakers, Dallas and Golden State.

Nat Hickey

Hickey holds the unusual record of being the oldest player in NBA history. He didn’t retire until he was just about to turn 46 years old. He played over the course of three decades during the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.

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