These Were The Most Expensive Divorces In Hollywood


Love and marriage, divorce and money. Those things go hand in hand with each other. Some people are lucky enough to keep a marriage going. Others crash and burn like the fires of Hell. And then there are celebrity divorces which take things to a whole new level. Here are some of the most expensive divorces of the rich and famous.

Alec and Jocelyn Wildenstein

When this couple split Jocelyn demanded a large settlement so that she could keep the life she was accustomed to. The Bride of Wildenstein got $2.3 billion plus $92 million per year to help fund her lifestyle and plastic surgery addiction. Alec Wildenstein passed away in 2008.

Rupert Murdoch and Anna Torv

When Rupert Murdoch divorced his second wife, Anna Torv, received a settlement of over $900 million. Rupert was then free to marry his third wife just days after the divorce was finalised. With cheek like that, maybe Anna should have asked for more.

Bernie Ecclestone and Slavica Ecclestone

When this pair divorced in 2009 it was reported that Slavica received $1 billion as a settlement. But in a twist to the tale, it was rumoured that Bernie was set to receive over $450 million from his ex-wife’s trust fund.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

Arnold and Maria split after 25 years of marriage when she discovered that he had fathered a child with a longtime member of their house staff. It is estimated that Maria got between $150-$250 million as a settlement.

Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl

When Garth Brooks and his wife divorced in 2001 it was reported that Sandy received around $125 million. This was one of the biggest divorces the world had ever heard of at the time and it set the standard for divorce at the start of the 21st century.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

When Elin found out that Tiger was a serial cheater in 2009 a divorce was quickly on the cards. Tiger was one of the highest paid sports stars at the time and Elin got a massive $100 million as a settlement for herself and her two children.

Amy Irving and Steven Spielberg

Amy and Steven were on-again, off-again couple who finally divorced in 1989. Amy got half of Stevens fortune, $100 million at that time. Steven had attempted to use a prenup that had been written on a cocktail napkin as a way to protect his fortune. It didn’t work.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

When this Hollywood power couple split it wasn’t surprising that Guy walked away with a pretty penny. The divorce cost Madonna between $76-$92 million when they split in 2008. Guy said the marriage finished because she had lost her sense of humour. We are pretty sure she didn’t see the funny side of paying that much in a divorce.

Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison

Harrison Ford went through a midlife crisis which ended when his wife divorced him. When he turned 60 years old, the Star Wars star went off the rails. When the divorce was settled, Melissa was awarded $85 million in exchange for the end of the 20-year marriage.

Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva

Kevin and Cindy met when they were students and married a few years later. As Kevin’s career took off, his marriage suffered. They divorced in 1994 and it was settled privately but it was rumoured that Cindy walked away with $80 million, a huge amount for a divorce in the early 90’s.

Kelsey Grammer and Camille

Kelsey has claimed that his marriage to Camille was over before it began and that she was fame-hungry. She made headlines with the divorce, which was bitter and public, and was awarded $60 million as a settlement in 2011.

James Cameron and Linda Hamilton

James and Linda meet on the set of Terminator and got married nearly a decade later. Despite being married for only two years, Linda walked away for the marriage with $50 million as a settlement. After the divorce, she said the marriage was awful in every way.

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