Adagio Teas || Artisan Tea

Adagio Teas || Artisan Tea

Despite the name of the site, I do drink tea too. Recently I was sent a big old box of tea by Adagio for my tasting pleasure and I had to share how it went.

I was sent these teas for review by Adagio Teas in exchange for my honest opinion. As usual, all the opinions here are my own and my opinions can’t be bought.

Why drink tea?

There are loads of benefits to drinking tea instead of coffee or fizzy drinks. And while I would love to be able to drink all day, I like a bit for flavour to my liquids from time to time. Here are some random health benefits that I found after a quick Google search but please check with your doctor if you have a medical condition before adding or switching things up with some herbal teas.

  • Tea contains antioxidants. Why are these important? They basically protect your body from its version of rust. I once heard someone describe life as humans slowly burning themselves alive by breathing oxygen and it just takes 70 odd years to kill you. Kinda morbid, I know, but it has a valid point. Antioxidants are supposed to stop you from slowly burning yourself alive with every breath you take.
  • There is a lot of talk about tea reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke recently. Green and matcha tea are two of the big hitters here for helping to keep the heart healthy.
  • Tea has less caffeine than coffee, and some teas have no caffeine but can still give you the buzz of energy. These teas are a good way to help switch out those extra afternoon cups of coffee and help your nervous system.
  • Tea might help with weight loss. Buy switching to herbal teas, you don’t need sugar but there is still more research needed in this area.
  • Raspberry leaf tea is said to help with labour and childbirth because it strengthens the uterus.  But if you are pregnant, consult your doctor before drinking it because it is not suitable for every pregnancy.
  • Tea is great for settling the stomach. Incase you don’t know, I am an IBS sufferer and I try to keep on the more natural side of managing my symptoms. Peppermint, chamomile, and ginger are all great for helping to soothe a stressed out tummy.

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Why Adagio Tea?

Adagio contacted me and asked if I would like to test their range of teas. When I said yes, I was expecting a small box of tea, possibly just of peppermint because I said it was my favourite. What I got was a huge box of tea with so many varieties I could barely count them all! I also got sent an ingenuiTEA teapot and I’ll explain why. The teas from Adagio are loose teas so you need something to strain them through. They didn’t want to assume that I had some form of strainer so they sent me their teapot too. This is an amazing little jug that has a strainer in the bottom and a valve that makes the perfect cup of tea. You just pop in your leaves, fill with hot water, let it brew for a few minutes, and then pop it on top of your mug. Yep, you hear me, on top of your mug. The valve at the bottom releases the liquid drop through the strainer, directly into your cup, and leaves the tea leaves behind.

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Like I said, my favourite tea is peppermint so I am very picky when it comes to that flavour and it was going to set the stage for the entire tea tasting experience. The peppermint blew my mind! There was no woody or bitter aftertaste from it, it smelt really fresh, and the tea leaves were a good size so they didn’t slip through the mesh. In fact, any of the teas that I tried have been outstanding!

What is your favourite tea? Or, do you ever drink tea? Let me know what you think about tea drinking in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “Adagio Teas || Artisan Tea

  1. I am such a tea lover, and these flavours sound delicious. To be honest I’ve never heard of Adagio teas, but I will be on the lookout. The perfect way to stay warm in the winter months.

  2. My daughters love to drink tea. They easily have two cups a day! Their habits are rubbing off on me so I am drinking much more than I used to. They always like to try new teas so I will have to tell them about Adagio Teas.

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