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fermanagh self catering mini break

Last year, I was lucky enough to get away for a mini-break with some of my girlfriends. We headed off for the weekend to a self-catering cottage in Fermanagh. Bring on the cocktails and giggles!

The weekend away was to be part of a hen party for a friend. We set off early in the day as we had to drive for a couple of hours to get there. Now, I will admit, I was heavily pregnant at the time so I was probably a pain in the ass about going. But they threw my pregnant booty into the back of a jeep and off we went! The drive normally takes around 2 hours from Belfast, which isn’t too bad. We had planned to stop a couple of times for bathroom breaks and food. Most of the driving is on the motorways across the country and the spot is easy to get to.

Inside the houses of Fermanagh self-catering, there is a good mixture of modern and traditional features to be found throughout the property. The three bathrooms in our cottage were equipped with shower cubicles and baths. There were five of us staying in the cottage and there was more than enough room. The living room had a small stove which proved to be useful after everyone got caught in the rain. There are three different houses on the property and we were in the smallest one.

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The outside was peaceful. The property was right beside a small lough which was open to tourists. If you had the gear, you could go fishing. But, we didn’t. That didn’t stop us from heading down there. I and another one of the girls took a walk around the water while the three others took off in some kayaks. I will admit, I wish I hadn’t been pregnant when we went to stay there because it looked like they had some fun out on the water! Kayaking isn’t the only activity that you can try. There is also archery if you fancy it. But if you fancy a chill out session, there is a hot-tub and a sauna.

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If you are interested in finding out more, you can contact the lovely guys here

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