The Yay’s and Nay’s of Dating

the yays and nays of dating

Dating can be a tricky thing. What to do, what to wear. There are so many whats to the dating game you might as well be a lightbulb. You know, because lightbulbs have a wattage. Wattage, whats….nevermind, it’s a rubbish joke. But should you make rubbish jokes on your big date? Read on to find out…

Leave an air of mystery

It might be tempting to talk about yourself, and that is fine, but don’t give away too much information. You might be from Staffordshire and have met someone from one of the Staffordshire dating sites, but don’t spill the beans. They don’t need to know exactly where you live, or where your granny lives. Or that your last date ended in disaster because you sneezed on their dinner. If things go well and as trust is built, then give more information about yourself. Besides, sometimes having an air of mystery about you is sexy.

Compliments go far

This might seem obvious but a lot of people don’t do it. And it is not as simple as “nice dress”, or “nice shirt”. Some people think that this is enough. But do you know how many times I’ve been out and had people insult my hometown? Plenty. Imagine if you were out with some Woking singles, and when they ask about where you live, they reply, “Oh, that dump”. Yeah, you are insulted and probably never calling them. Ask them what is nice about their hometown if you think it’s a dump. Insults are a no-no.

Don’t go OTT on your OOTD

It might be fun to get all dressed up when you go out but is it really you? Or are you dressing up to impress or give the wrong impression? At some point you need to drop the act and be yourself. If you are like me and really enjoy slapping the makeup on and covering yourself in glitter, awesome. But if that isn’t you, then don’t do it. Just be yourself. People won’t get to know the real you if it is covered in glitter. Unless you’re always covered in glitter.

Don’t be arrogant

Do you know how many Belfast singles have to deal arrogant individuals because they were an extra on a TV show? Too many. And yes, there are that manyTV shows filmed in the area. The problem is that some people think they are better than others. It is one thing to be proud of your achievements but you shouldn’t use them to put other people down. Being humble is a trait that most people like to see in a potential partner. You might be successful but there is no need to rub everybodies faces in it.

Pay attention

I know at the beginning I said about not giving away too much information but that doesn’t mean you should sit in silence for the duration of the date. But, by not talking constantly about yourself, you can give the other person to talk about themselves. Imagine this, you have gone out with some Buckinghamshire singles and they are talking about where they grew up and some of their favourite places. You end up in a serious relationship with one of them and on your one year anniversary, you surprise them with a trip to a childhood spot. That would make their year and show that you really care about them.

When asking questions, ask the right ones

This might seem like it’s contradiction of some previous points but hear me out. There are some things that you need to know about a person. You should ask them about their core beliefs, what is important to them and other deal breaker questions. What you don’t do is ask Hampshire singles when their rubbish is collected. Or if they have any weird collections because you like to collection milk lids (see point one). It is ok to answer these questions about yourself because it will let your date know if you are on the same wavelength.

Mind your manners

Do not, I repeat, do not be rude to anyone. This is a general rule that I like to use in life, not just for special occasions. There is nothing worse than your date having bad manners. You can dress it up any way you want. Rude, vulgar, sexist, racist…the list is endless. But what it comes down to is being disrespectful of another human being. Besides, if you are in a restaurant and you are horrid to the staff, would you really run the risk of them spitting in your dinner?

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