What is dating?

what is dating

Dating is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot, but what is dating? And what is the history behind it all? Fasten your seatbelts! We are having a look at dating and how far back courtship can really go.

Dating is defined as the ritual between two humans who are trying to decide if are a good match for each other. But dating is different for areas and points in history. Dating was once considered a man deciding who was the best match for his daughter. Now, women are able to make those choices for themselves. Here are some fun facts and history about dating.

St Albans

Watford dating can be a very romantic place if you know where to go. If you fancy something new, there is the Harry Potter Studios to go and explore. But if you fancy something filled with history, then check out St Albans Cathedral. This beautiful building dates from the 8th century and has been the site for plenty of weddings over the years. But the church is built on the site of an execution when St Alban put himself in front of a judge rather than give up his priest friend. Now that is true love.

kings and queens of dating

No history?

Some places in Britain have a long history that can inspire some great dates. Merseyside singles don’t have that to draw on as Merseyside was established in 1974. But don’t let that put you off, this is your chance to make some history there. There are loads of boutique hotels that you can stay in before heading out to the local bars and clubs. But if you fancy a really modern treat, check out one of the modern art galleries instead of searching for history.

This is not new

If you are new to online dating, don’t worry. But it’s good to know that online dating isn’t new. Some of the best dating sites have been going since the late 1990’s. But seeking out a partner remotely is not a new thing. For centuries, men have arranged their daughter’s partners for them. But personal ads, which is what online dating essentially is, started back in 1690 when the first modern newspapers were created.

Ancient Kingdom

If you want a tale as old as time, look no further than Scotland. Fife dating and love stories can be traced back to the time of King Malcolm III. Well, probably further than that, but Malcolm had married Saint Margaret of Scotland by 1070. During his reign, Malcolm took part in many battles. He was killed in the Battle of Alnwick with their eldest son. Three days later, Margaret died too. Hands up who thinks it was of a broken heart! *me*

The original Romeo and Juliet

Back in a time when England was not England, and was a mixture of Kingdoms, there was two warring kingdoms. Derbyshire dating might be the scene of the original Romeo and Juliet in the Kingdom of Merica or maybe the inspiriation for it. Two ancient kingdoms joined together after years of war when Penda of Mercia let his daughter get married Alhfrith, King of Deira. Thankfully these two didn’t have to resort to poison and fake deaths.

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