Welcome to my nightmares….


I’m one of those people that likes to dream. I like to think about living the dream with wealth, health and happiness at my finger-tips. But sometimes I have nightmares. I don’t mean just the everyday type of drama which we all must face, sometimes when my head hits the pillow I have nightmares. My poor hubby-to-be has to endure nights of me kicking and screaming as I am locked in my own head, facing off to some inner demon. I know that I am dreaming which makes the terror worse sometimes. When morning finally dawns my poor hubby will always ask me what I was dreaming of, and every time he sits and listens. After my most recent screaming session he asked what had happened, and when I was done, all he could say was “That would be an epic movie!”

I suppose he is looking at it as the glass half full point of full, turning something horrible into a work of cinema magic. And he does have a point. I know most people want to turn their dreams into reality but why shouldn’t I consider turning my nightmares into horror movies? Who knows, my nightmares might be great stories which spawn a cult following and a multi-million pound pay check for me. This poor man has endured so many nights of me screaming, he might as well have a more comfortable life to endure some more.

So, the big question is, how does a normal person like me pitch a movie idea to Hollywood? I don’t really want to make the movie, I have no idea how a movie is made so all I want to do is sell the idea to people who can actually do something with it. Plus, it was nightmare, it’s hardly my creative baby. I have spent the last while looking online for some glimmer of how to pitch but it seems Hollywood doesn’t want to know if it’s from us normal people. Ok, I know they have probably opened the door to those outside the business from time to time and got a bunch of crazy half-assed ideas, but what if someone has an amazing idea, how do you get it to the right people?

I know I said I would only ask questions if I knew the answers, just to get everyone to think, but this has me in a pickle. I don’t have a clue. So if anyone knows, please tell me. I plan on eating cheese later so I will probably have another horror movie running through my head tonight. Hopefully one of my nightmares might make it to the big screen one of these days.

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