Ultimate Guide for Online Dating

Ultimate guide to online dating

Online dating can be a minefield if you don’t know what to do. But thankfully I have some handy hints to help to make a good impression when you are making your profile.

Choose your photos wisely

Photos will be the first thing that people see before they even read your profile. But how many photos should you post? As a rule of thumb, three is the magic number. And make sure that they are current photos. Don’t post pictures from 5 years ago when you were fitter and pretty. The last thing you want is to show up at your date and have your potential love interest look disgusted because your picture wasn’t accurate. The best dating sites also recommend no naked pictures. So, keep your clothes on. No bikini shots, no topless photos etc. It makes you look desperate or only available for sex.

Your Info

This can be a tricky minefield. What do you write? And will it be right? Not everyone is blessed with the ability to describe themselves but don’t get your friends to do it for you. What you should include are your interests, example- I like going to the gym and reading. Don’t be too specific, nobody wants to read a list of the books that you have read in the last year. Don’t describe your perfect partner, again be a bit vague, example- looking to meet singles in Buckingham area. Not- looking for someone with brown hair and eyes who earns more than me. 

Mail or not to mail?

If you are looking at someone’s profile and don’t like the look of them, that’s ok. But remember, people might be the same about you. It is an unfortunate fact that you might not get any messages. Sorry, but it is a fact. But don’t get dishearted by this. One of the reasons for this is you might be on the wrong site. There is no point looking for a twenty-year-old on over 50s dating in Merseyside. Make sure the site that you are on meets your needs because it will help you to meet the right people.

Meeting up

While it might be tempting to chat online, you should meet the person you have been chatting with. There is no point in messaging back and forth for weeks and weeks. And if you are, you need to ask yourself why. Are they stringing you along? Are you stringing them along? Again, this can happen if you are on the wrong type of site. There is no point being on an elite world traveller site if you really need a Hampshire dating site. While it might be nice to play that game, you are the only one losing out. Especially if you ever do meet up and it turns out things aren’t what they appear.

Keep your expectations low

That sounds like a horrible thing to say, but it’s true. You might be hoping for love at first sight but it probably won’t happen. It might take a few different dates before you know exactly what you want in a partner. From the Bristol to the Maidstone dating scenes, it can be tough out there. But that is the point. People are picky, and you should be too. Don’t settle for second best. If you feel bad about, then don’t. Everyone might have the perfect person out there for them, and if you are with someone that you aren’t 100% happy with, then you could be keeping the both of you from true happiness.

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