A Hip Living Room, With A Distinctly Retro Vibe

a hip living room with a distinctly retro vibe

If you are like me and are fond of using retro influences around the home, you will love this guide to creating the perfect early 70’s vibe lounge area. Once complete you can use it to hold cocktail parties and listen to vinyl on your suitcase record player, or even lose yourself in your very own bond villain fantasy. Read on to find out more.


Instead of going for the usual couch, this sort of room can look amazing with Eames or Eames styles chairs. These are the metal and leather reclining chairs that are actually super comfy. They also usually come with a footstool tool, making them a great place to lay back and soaks up some jazz in the evening. You can even choose to go for original vintage versions like the ones here, or modern-day replicas.

Colour schemes

To get the right retro ambiance, you really need to get the colour scheme right. We’re not talking about the brash psychedelic hues of the late 70s here though. Instead, think whites and blacks in a minimal style alongside natural tones such as ash and oak with a little yellow, brown and orange thrown in for good measure. Although, pieces with wood finishes need to be in the modern moulded or linear style to fit in with the decor effectively.

70's retro living space

Focal points

One thing that really stands out about the early 70’s vibe home decor vibe is the addition of dramatic focal points and the clever use of space within a room. Clutter is completely out here, and instead a sense of openness and calm is what you are looking to create.

This means items of furniture such as tables and even electric heating sources need to be long, linear, and low. Something that elongates the space and draws the eye along the horizontal plane for emphasis.


Think wooden laminate flooring here, in lighter ash and oaks colours, with the occasional natural fibre rugs for added warmth and luxury. Sheepskin can work particularly, well in this environment. Especially if it’s shaped in a circle or oval and used to add definition to the boundaries and of a particular area of open space.

Retro accessories

Lastly, no room is complete without the right ornamentation and accessories. However, as this is such a minimal design, it is important to pick only a small number of pieces that really enhance the look.

One such item is suitcase style record player. A popular item in the early 70s that will add to the authenticity of the look. You can buy new versions pretty cheaply, too. Although some folks prefer to go for genuine Dansette models from the 70’s, especially if they can find ones with tapered legs.

Specially selected pieces of china and crockery, authentic to the era can also work well in this type of space. Although, the focus is less on collecting a whole set and more about finding individual tall pieces that can be used to contrast the mainly horizontal lines in the type of space.

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