Too chicken for YouTube

Recently I was toying with the idea of starting a YouTube channel and vlogging (or video blogging) on there. I’ll be honest, I’ve heard the term “YouTube millionaire” thrown about so much I was more than tempted to try to join the club. I debated with myself the reasons why I should or should not. What if I’m talking and people can’t understand a word I’m saying with my Northern Irish accent? I don’t know how to edit videos, can I even do it on a laptop? Or should I just skip the editing thing and make it raw, untouched, and honest? But what am I going to talk about? The same things I talk about on here? Does anyone even watch videos like that on there?

In the end I decided against it. Not because I have nothing to say, not because of my accent, and not because I don’t have the first clue about editing videos. I have plenty to say, my accent is considered “sexy” (why, I don’t know), and I could learn how to edit videos. It was the haters. The internet trolls. Those vile bags of negative energy that like to dump on anything online. That is the only reason I haven’t done it.

No matter where you look on YouTube, or the internet in general, there is a mass attack of trolls who want to rip what you do apart for their own twisted pleasure. It’s sad really, and I shouldn’t let their negative attitude bring me down, but the vast amount of them makes me not want to share myself on video. YouTube has such a huge audience that if my channel got popular I wouldn’t be able to hide from them. Their attacks would be relentless and upsetting for me. I can’t help but wonder why people would attack a stranger like this. Do they get pleasure from it? Where they unloved as children? Are they unloved now? Why do they waste their time attacking strangers who are trying to create something when they could be improving themselves? Is there that little in their life that they feel the need to attack those who are living life to the fullest? Is it jealously? Is their self esteem so bad that they feel the need to strip it from others? So many questions that I have no answer to.

Rather than dwell on it, I give up….for now. But here are three of my favourite YouTube ladies that make me want to do the YouTube thang…..

1) Jenna Marbles

The most popular lady on YouTube with her three puppies. Her mixture of humour and love of her dogs is the reason she has so many fans. She takes the mickey out of everyone including herself and her dogs. The amount of swearing she does is nearly the same as me but she falls short because lets face it, nothing can rival a Northern Irish chick on a rant. orĀ

2) Miss Cherry Dollface

Vintage and tattoo model who shares bits of her life and tutorials on hair and make up. She also shares cooking tips and tells everyone not to be an asshole. Now those are words to live by. This year she is heading to my neck of the woods on a roadshow so I’m hoping I’ll get a meet up with her.

3) A Vintage Vanity

Vintage, animal lover, bubbly and pink haired. Jen at A Vintage Vanity has shared every thing from beauty products to her holidays. Her vlogs are personal and she does not think twice about sharing stuff with her internet friends, including her mothers recent illness and the important of health.

These ladies have given the middle finger to the haters and for that I salute you! Maybe one day I’ll grow a pair of my own and join the club but for now I’ll just stick to hiding behind my laptop and write about stuff.

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