Ethical Actions Everywhere

When you listen to the rich and famous in interviews you will hear them throw the words “my philosophy” about from time to time. But what do they mean by that? Is it their secret to their success? Simply put, a philosophy, namely a life philosophy, is a rule or a guideline which people choose to help them make decisions and decide what action to take. For me, it’s “ethical actions everywhere”. Let me explain….

A few months ago I was told to listen to a guy called Jim Rowe as part of my training. Jim talked all over America about his life philosophy and how important it was to have one. His own philosophy was “Be Healthy”. That might seem odd because who doesn’t want to be healthy? Jim took it to another level. He only ate healthy food, made sure his realtionships were healthy with his wife and children. He never took a job which he considered to be damaging to his health or wellbeing. He even extended it to ensure his bank balance was healthy. His philospy of being healthy ensured that he never made any desion which could make him unhealthy. I was more than interested in his idea but how was a thought, a tag line on life supposed to help make my life better? For a week or two I tried his concept of “being healthy” but it wasn’t working for me. For some reason it just didn’t sit well with me. I had no idea why a the time but one day the penny dropped and it became clear. A philiospy is unque to you and borrowing another persons will not work for you. It was then that I realised what my own should be.

So what do I mean when I say “Ethical Actions Everywhere”? Well, simply put, everything that I am faced with in this life, I weigh it up and decide if it is ethical. I have switched my beauty products and consumables to products that haven’t been tested on animals and are kinder to the environment. My food is local, organic and fairtrade. Even how I get money in is ethical. When I had posted about my brother-in-law having a disability and how I needed money to put a plan into action, people suggested that I set up a fund to raise money and others had offered to give me money. On both accounts I said no because it seemed unethical to me accept donations like that. Every choice, every decision, everything needs to be ethical for me.

How has it affected my life since I came up with my philosophy? Life is a lot easier. Problems that would have came about before are easier to handle. When faced with a varity of choices or situtions, I ask myself, “which one is ethical?” and it seems simple because it is. It has helped relieve stress and gave me focus in life.

My philosophy will not work for you. Or maybe it will. You can try it out if you like but it is better come up with your own because it will be true to you. Dig deep and it will become clear to you what your philosophy should be.

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