I hate bad dates || Ask For Angela

I hate bad dates || Ask for Angela

We have all been there, a date that isn’t great. I’ve had plenty over the years and have helped save my friends from some awful ones. Here I have some stories that my friends have kindly donated for this post so that you know that you aren’t alone. There are no names and I will never reveal who these happened to, mainly because I’m a nice person but also my friends have some real gems on me.

This post has been created in partnership with We Love Dates (a free dating site) and Ask For Angela campaign. “Ask For Angela” is a way for women to communicate with bar staff safely that their date isn’t going as planned. Nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable on a date. If in doubt, Ask for Angela.

Chinese takeaway

I had met a guy for a date and he turned into a bit of a nutter. But the main problem was the fact he was a friend of a friends boyfriend who thought we would be great together. We were all out for a double date and ended up in a club. If I had gone by myself, I would have made my excuses and left. Everyone ended up really drunk apart from me because I was the designated driver for the night. When it was home time, my “date” for the evening (who had been really rude and crude to me all night) picked up a takeaway. Once I had dropped my friend and her boyfriend off, I was going to drop this guy home and go on my way. He had other ideas and tried to get me to come to his house with him. When I said no and he threw his chow mein over me. His mum saw what he done out the window and came out screaming at him. He did not get a second date.

Drunken male

I was at a house party and got really drunk. Like, fall down drunk. There was this woman there who wouldn’t leave me alone. To be honest, she was way too old for me and I had no interest. At one point I decided to go home and tried to leave. Instead of stopping me, this woman took me by the arm and tried to take me to her house. I might have been stinking drunk but I realised what she was up to. I tried to run away but went head first over a car and nearly smashed my head off the pavement. I managed to get home in one piece but I dread to think what would have happened.

ask for angela

Express yourself

I once went on a date with a guy who appeared to be wonderful. We went out a few times and eventually took things to the next level. While we were in bed, he started licking me in weird places, like my armpits and eyelids. I was not enjoying it and asked him to stop. We got really offended and told me his ex really liked him doing that. Complete turn off, so I decided to leave. I decided to give him another chance but the next time I saw him, he spent the entire date talking about his ex. They weren’t together very long but he was completely hung up on her and obsessed with every detail of her life.

Badass best friend

I was a blind date that wasn’t going well so I texted my friend to come and get me. My date must have realised that it was going badly and started being a real nightmare. I felt scared so I hid in the bathroom until my friend arrived. I had texted her that I was hiding in the ladies and to text me when she was outside. Rather than tell me when she had arrived, she walked into the bar and came into the bathroom to get me. When my date saw me trying to leave he started screaming that I was a prick-tease and I was only looking a free night out etc. Without missing a beat, my friend punched him in the face and knocked him on his backside. She stood over him and screamed, “NO MEANS NO!”, threw some money at him, and lead me out of the bar while everyone clapped.

Have you any horror stories about nights out or dates gone wrong? Or have you ever tried a free dating site before? And what do you think of the “Ask For Angela” campaign? 

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