A little history of romance

a little history of romance

All good stories start with the words, Once upon a time…. But romance isn’t that old. In fact, it thought that the idea of romantic love only appeared in 18th France. Throughout history, different places have special stories about loving each other. Does your town have a special love story? Believe me when I say that love and romance is a lot nicer these days. Here are some old stories about love from different towns in the UK.


Some towns don’t appear to have much of a romantic history. Reading dating doesn’t seem to appear much in the history of the town. There is a lot of battles, a lot of wars. Not much on the romance front. But during the Victorian age, the town went through a massive change and became a safe space. It was considered so safe that during World War 2 that people sent their kids there during the air raids. What could be a better love story than that?


Tayside singles don’t have too much history to pull from because Tayside was formed in 1975. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t history there. Before Tayside was formed, there was ancient kingdoms and stories that would become legends. If you wanted to find out about the past, there are lots of heritage centres that can explain a lot of the history of Tayside, before it was Tayside. Or you can make your own history with some of the fun things to do in the area.


You might not believe this but Manchester dating is more than romantic, it’s a little bit dirty! What’s this! I hear you scream. Well, it turns out that “Manchester” could be considered a bit of a cheeky name for a place. The name comes from Mamucium which is a Latinisation of the Celtic meaning “breast-shaped hill”. Oh-er! But these days, Manchester is considered the gay capital of the UK with plenty of places to go on Canal Street. Failing that, you could always catch a football game at Old Trafford.


The Gloucester dating scene was once the scene of a massive power struggle when Empress Matilda laid down her claim to the English throne. Empress Matilda was a bit of a badass who was courted by Henry V, who had written to her mother to propose marriage. Gloucester was the main place of support for the Empress when she made her claim to the throne. But don’t get too gushy over Henry’s letter writing, he was 24 years old and she was only 8!

And there you have it, just some small facts about some areas in the UK. Are they really romantic? Not really, but the road to true love never is. If you fancy dipping your toe into your local dating scene, you can try out some of the best dating sites on the web. You never know, you might find someone who is into history and can tell you about the great love stories from the past in your area.

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