Financing The Cold Spells We Keep Having

financing the cold spells we keep having

With one of the coldest months on record, where we have been visited by the “beast from the east” along with his smaller cousin it seems winter is still upon us. Indeed, it feels somewhat like the Bill Murray film “Groundhog Day” where winter seems to last forever.

Whilst the early flowers are in full bloom and we’re benefiting from lighter nights that herald the new season the thermostat is resiliently keeping us in winter. This is of particular concern to those on a budget due to the formidable cost of heating your home. In fact, according to The Guardian one old person dies every seven minutes during winter in relation to the cold weather. In the most part this is due to not having the finances required to fuel their heating system.

Indeed, this year we have had to use so much fuel due to the unprecedented cold weather spells that energy companies have been forced to pay industrial users, such as factories, to not operate due to the potential of a nationwide fuel shortage.

Of course, those with wood burning fires and alternative ways to fuel their heating systems, such as those fuelled by kerosine would have been relieved to know they weren’t subject to any fuel shortages should gas have been a critical issue during the snow storms. That said, all this fuel we are consuming is coming at a great financial cost. This post explored a few ways to stay warm whilst keeping your energy bills as low as possible.

Limit the number of rooms you heat

In reality, you probably don’t “live” in every room of our house. If there are a couple of rooms that you don’t use often, consider turning the radiators off in those rooms, as this space that is costing you money.

Take a hot water bottle to bed

It may seem somewhat old fashion to consider heating the bed with such a low-tech device yet there is something emotionally soothing about that smell of warm rubber that often brings a childlike comfort to us. More pertinent to this article is the fact it’s a very cheap and efficient way to heat up your bed on a cold evening.

Electric Blanket

Admittedly, using an electric blanket comes at a higher cost than a hot water bottle, yet the cost isn’t as much as you might think. The average electric blanket consumes around 200 watts, so if this were to be left on for 10 hours that would consumer 2 kilowatt-hours which costs between seven and twenty pence.

The downside of a hot water bottle, by comparison, is that it inevitably loses heat throughout the night whereas an electric blanket radiates a constant supply of heat to keep you toasty all night long. Given the negligible cost of using an electric blanket this is a great option to keep you warm at night, particularly as it’s such a close source of heat, as this way you won’t require such a high ambient room temperature.

In summary, the best way to save considerable cash on heating is to heat only the rooms you are truly “living in” and to keep a close contact source of heat such as a hot water bottle or electric blanket throughout the night. This is important, as it is during sleep that our body temperature naturally decreases – meaning this is when we are at most risk to suffering from cold temperature related health issues.

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