I tried to be an Instagram Superstar

i tried to be an instagram superstar

In a world where social media is in everybody’s faces every day, it not surprising that we have things like Influencers.

What’s that? I hear you ask. Well, an Influencer is a person with a big following on social media who can promote products and services to their followers. The Kardashians are one example. One Insta post from them and a product can sell out in record time. But is it possible for a normal person to become a superstar on Instagram? 

First of all, I would just like to point out that this is not my first time trying to do this. I’ve been trying to break Instagram for the best part of a year. I go hardcore for a week and then lose interest. But, for the sake of science, I was going to spend a week trying to get somewhere.

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Day One

For today, I decided to get organised and re-vamp my page. I had 361 followers, which isn’t bad but it isn’t good either. I decided to change the bio on my profile, which is a shame because I actually like what I had. If you read it, it sort of rhymed. “Wife, mother, coffee lover…” see! Isn’t that cute!? Well, I thought it was. Instead, I changed it to a vertical list and left out the fact that I’m married and have kids. I don’t post about them and leave them off my “business” social media.

Day Two

I was asking about within the blogger community for ideas on how to grow your Instagram page. Some people said regular posting, some said using hashtags, some said it was pure luck. I decided to post around three photos a day. The thing is, I work from home, I don’t know if I have enough interesting stuff to post about every day.

Day Three

The thing I hate most about Instagram (apart from the algorithm) is the follow4follow game. I’m very vocal about this. It is a hateful game that people like to play. It sucks. I have no desire to play this game. So please, don’t play it with me. And it turns out that I’m not alone. Plenty of people hate this and if you are a several offender, you will get blocked.

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Day Four

Did you know that I have a business account? I like to see who has come and looked at my account. Did you know that if you have a business account, Instagram will bury your account within the algorithm so it is rarely seen? If Instagram wants to say different, I’d love to hear from them. So today, I changed from business to personal to see if it would make any difference. Well…

Day Five

Since I changed the account over, it has been on fire! Sort of. My pictures appear to be getting a bit more attention and my follower count is growing. People are still doing the follow4follow game, but overall there is an improvement. Could it be that Instagram is hiding photos of business accounts so that they have to pay for promotion? I would not put it past them (business is business after all) but it isn’t something I’m prepared to pay for.

Day Six

And it finally happened. I ran out of interesting photos to post. I haven’t been doing anything interesting because I have been up to my eyes with the second round of editing for my book. What am I supposed to do?! I doubt that anyone wants to see a picture of my laptop every few hours because that is all I have done. That or some pictures of my ironing pile, or the dishes….it’s time to get creative again!


Day Seven

The final day and the final follower count is 393. WTF!?! All in all, I gained 30 followers. Maybe I didn’t use enough hashtags. Maybe I’m not interesting enough. Maybe I didn’t post enough. Who knows. But I did have fun. I do enjoy Instagram and having to be creative and actually get off my arse to create an interesting post made my day interesting. While it is fun binge-watching something on Netflix for 18 hours, it’s not the best use of my time.

If you don’t think that I’m boring and want to follow me on Instagram, you can! Just don’t follow4follow. It’s annoying.

2 thoughts on “I tried to be an Instagram Superstar

  1. I guess 30 followers isn’t that bad really, I mean if you did that for a couple of years you’d have 3,000 followers and plus you’d probably get better at gaining followers during that time so it might be more like 9,000 if it compounded.But maybe that’s too much effort for little reward.I think the compounding effect would work though. Especially if you engage strongly and put out mass content across multiple platforms.Dan http://www.somethingmoreweekly.com is the ongoing story of my actual life in South London

    1. Yeah, but it looks like they were just a bunch of the follow4follow gang and they all went away after a few days 😀

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