Loyal to a fault


As the twitter storm rages on, I’m sure David Cameron is starting to get the point of it. After my post yesterday I was contacted by so many people I lost count, mainly because I said what everyone was thinking. Not that my own circumstances really mattered to anyone but it is the fact that everyone is in the same boat. Everyone has their own personal problem with the governments actions which affect our way of life. The governments broken promises affect everyone in different ways as they filter down through to us. I admit, what has happened with disability benefits does not affect me greatly but it’s the knock on effect that it has had in the rest of the system that has caused me problems. For some people it affects their life greatly with a lot of hoop jumping for something they should be entitled to. For others, it just the fact that those in power, those we have put our trust in to run the show, have let these vulnerable people down.

But what can change? It seems to be left wing versus right wing. But why? Neither party has had any luck in trying to sort us all out. I have no alliance to either party. Left wing, right wing, chicken wing. I don’t care who sorts it out, just as long as they do it. But maybe that is part of the problem, are people loyal to these parties to a fault? Has their loyalty put rose-tinted glasses over their eyes so they can’t see what is really happening?

It also begs the question, if we get Cameron out, who is going to take over? Both sides seem as bad as each other, so do we really want the other lot in power? Is it time for a change in our political system? I think yes. I have seen both sides argue constantly over the years but neither side has actually done anything about the issues that annoy us all. But because I think both sides are rubbish and I want someone new, I get tarred with the brush of being a tree-loving hippie who hates the government and has a problem with authority. Maybe that’s true but my view is just as valuable as anyone else’s and those who believe that the entire system needs a good seeing to shouldn’t be dismissed. Maybe it’s time that we remove those rose-tinted specs, step outside our comfort zone and think outside the box for the sake of the future.

One thing is very clear, whoever is next in the big chair will be held accountable for their actions. The public has found their voice and the internet is connecting the voting public in a way that we never thought possible. The problems that we have with the government, big or small, will be aired for the world to see. And these problems should not be dismissed. I hope David Cameron reads all of our complaints because he needs to know what is wrong. And to anyone who has a problem, stop and breathe a second, just put it into words. Together, we will make this place great again, even if it has started with a twitter rant.

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