Let the blog war begin!


When you have friends who blogs it becomes difficult not to compare yourself to them. Sure, their blog might be completely different, but is it better? Do they get more hits? And why? This is the case between me and my friend Gemma. Her blog is about her relationship with her husband, and mine, well I’m still not sure what this one is about but I’ll get there eventually. Every time she posts, I sit and compare notes, what she is writing about, her writing style. Gemma on the other hand has no idea about my blog until about 5 minutes ago….oops! Sorry about that.

Gemma is hardly a stranger to me but I wouldn’t dare ask her to pimp my blog for me. We met for the first time when we were 16 years old in college. Gemma was a bubbly ball of fun that bounced around the canteen while I was a sullen, sour-faced bitch who drank too much coffee and was horrible to everyone. After I left college, our paths would cross again over the years when we ran into each other while shopping for herbal tea or shoes. Thanks to Facebook, we would be reunited on the internet and kept up with each others drama through status up-dates and drunken photos. Finally at the beginning of the year, we ended up working together and spent most of our time mock shooting each other across the office because our job sucked so bad it was better than doing actual work. Now we find our paths crossing again in the world of blogging. Gemma will message me, asking me to share her stuff, which I do, and I consider asking her to do the same but I don’t. I sit back going “nah, she wouldn’t like what I write about.”

The big difference between us is that Gemma shares her work with friends and family, I don’t. The only person that knows that I do this is my hubby-to-be and that’s kind of sad. I’m actually very shy when it comes to my work and I worry that those who know me will read it, sit back and think to themselves, “that was a bit pants,” while being nice to my face about my random rants about everything. I lack the confidence to shout out and tell everyone what I do, Gemma is slowly taking over the world with her tales of dog bums and snotty tissues.

So, rather than ask her to blow my trumpet for me, I’m going to do it for her. It’s my way of saying sorry for being a horrible, rancid bitch when we were younger. And maybe karma will be good to me and I’ll have a million new followers tomorrow. I wish…….

Check out Gemma at http://deathofaspinster.blogspot.co.uk/

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