Education at it’s worst

I am a disappointment to my parents, not a bitter disappointment, but some of my life choices have left my parents feeling rather ashamed at times. Not so much now, but when I was a teenager I was a real smart ass. Rules were meant to be broken and I spent many a day in the principles office for “bending” the rules. Teachers used to send notes home with my report telling my parents that if I applied myself I would excel at my studies. I knew every loop-hole in the school rules and used them all to my full advantage. Although I left school with decent grades and have my fair share of qualifications now, there are times when adult conversation leaves me feeling confused and doubting my level of intelligence. For the last week I’ve been talking about politics and how it all over-complicated toss that most people can’t follow. I include myself in that statement. As I thought about my education and politics, something struck me as strange. Here I am wondering why it doesn’t make sense to me, despite my attempts to educate myself further, when I realised I was educated in a state school. A school that is funded by the government, the government says what is to be taught, and everyone is to be treated the same. Yet, if you look at the politicians, they all went to private schools and were educated to a better standard. So what?

It’s a conspiracy! Call me crazy but is it possible that the government is making sure that education in state schools that much lower than private schools to keep people out of politics? Or at the very least, ensuring that we lack the confidence in our ourselves to question their actions when they have done the opposite of what they said they would do? Think about it for a second before you throw the idea away like a dirty sock. The government sets the education standard, so why not set it to a certain level were people think they are smart but not smart enough to challenge those in power? I’ve tried to have conversations with politicians about the world that we live in and by the time they have finished talking, I want to smack them round the head with whatever is closest to hand. Have you ever heard the saying, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, just baffle them with bull.” That’s what happens when you try and get answers out of a politician, and when you tell them that you don’t understand, they smile because you weren’t supposed to and they are smarter than you.

With the twitter storm #CameronMustGo still going after a week, and the big media calling everyone involved idiots, clearly something must be done. If we are all so stupid, then why doesn’t the government raise the education standard in state schools to bring our children up to par with those in private school? If we are dumb and don’t understand what is happening then at least give our kids a better education so that they can follow what is happening. I know that no matter what the standard of education is, there will always be idiots but at least give those with a chance to improve the world a better opportunity (or education) to actually have the confidence to fix what we have broken.

I know that if my parents had the money to send me to a private school, they would have, but it just wasn’t an option for me. I feel the same about my daughter, and wonder if I should get her some help so that she will excel in her studies, especially since there are rumours of cuts and lack of funding for the school system. But maybe that is the plan, to make sure that the next generation even dumber than us so that the working class gets pushed further and further down the ladder until each person has the IQ of a potato.

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