Car Insurance……Oh how I hate you!

Like everyone else in Britain I have to pay for car insurance. It’s a legal requirement that costs a fortune and I’m fed up with it. Since I passed my driving test five years ago I have had nothing but problems with insurance companies. My first insurance company kept cancelling my monthly repayment plan at the last payment so I never got any higher than 1 years no claims discount. The next company I went to had to cancel my insurance because the previous company wouldn’t hand over my no-claims paperwork. And finally we come to my current insurance company who are being so unreasonable right now I could scream!

When my renewal came around in August I was told my policy was £650, awesome, it had dropped by £200 from the year before. My monthly repayment? £200 odd per month for three months. Wait, what? I don’t know about anyone else but that is too much. Over £200 per month for an annual policy of £650? No way! My policy the year before had been £800 and I paid £90 per month, so why in the name of everything Holy had they come to this figure? Long story made short, I can’t afford that much of a repayment every month. I complained but it fell on deaf ears, they didn’t care. So I managed to get the first months scrapped together without selling my soiled underwear on Ebay, but that was only month one. The next month I didn’t have enough money to pay….and they didn’t try to take the money. Huh, had they taken my complaint seriously and were they changing the monthly amount to something more reasonable? What was going on? I tried to get on the phone to talk to them but could never get through. Finally someone called me at the wrong time and I missed the call. I got a voicemail telling me that there had been a computer error and my monthly payment hadn’t been taken, so if I could just give them a call to pay the £200 now that would be great. Oh yeah, my next and final payment would be taken in about a weeks time. What the Hell!?!

Do you know the only way I could get in contact with these people? I had to go online, get a new insurance quote, and get them to call me. Finally I was getting somewhere! The online quote was another £200 cheaper and the repayments where £40 per month. The end of this drama was in sight! Or so I thought……

When I finally got talking to a human being to get it sorted, things went completely tits up. Because I had “cancelled” my last policy, they wouldn’t let me have a monthly repayment plan again and put the policy up to £650 again. Wait, just hang on a wee second there. I complained months ago about the monthly amount being too high, a computer error stopped your company from taking any money from my account, and when you realised your mistake, you wanted the remaining £400 within a week? Are you freaking high?! Clearly if I had that sort of money lying about the place, I would have paid the policy in full in the first place instead of having to deal with all this rubbish!

I’ve had enough. They have passed the blame about so now I’ve passed it on to the Financial Ombudsman. Maybe this is just a breakdown in communication but seeing as I have went out of my way to get this sorted while they continue to be awkward, I’m afraid I’ll have to give them an ass kicking. I’ll not name and shame them today, I will wait until the Financial Ombudsman investigates them for this. Maybe I’m being a spoilt brat but when you tell a company that they are being unreasonable about a monthly repayment they really should listen and work with their customers before it comes to blows.

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