The Craft || Movie Mondays

The Craft || Movie Mondays

The Craft is the 1996 movie that follows four girls as they dive into the world of witchcraft. But as the girls become more powerful, their worlds start to fall apart. Will their friendship hold the course?

The Plot

When Sarah (Robin Tunney) moves to LA, she has no idea what the universe has in store for her. After her first day of school, she finds friendship with a group of girls who are struggling with their own demons. Nancy (Fairuza Balk), Bonnie (Neve Campbell), and Rochelle (Rachel True) are the misfits of the school who have found solace in witchcraft before Sarah joins them. After Sarah is slut-shamed by a footballer named Chris, the girls band together to form their own coven and right the wrongs in their lives. But as their power grows, things begin to unravel and the negative effects of their actions begin to ruin their lives.

Thoughts on the Story

The Craft is by far one of my favourite movies. It came out in a time when most girls were portrayed as powerless individuals who needed a man to save her. This is also one of the first positive portrayals of witchcraft which would pave the way for many young women exploring the world of witchcraft. Since its release, it has gained a cult following and is now seen as a rite of passage for teenage girls to watch. The story is still relevant over 20 years later as teenage girls and young women struggle to discover their own inner power in a world that wants to keep them down.


In a world where young women are being told that they don’t matter, this film speaks to women on many different levels. Although this is pegged as a horror movie, it is ultimately about female empowerment and whether you use your powers for good or evil. This is definitely one to watch with some wine and your girlfriends.

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