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Home Wrecker by Jennifer Juan is the latest poetry book to cross my desk. I will admit, poetry is not one of my strong points. It isn’t something that I write myself and I don’t read it very much. I fact, I don’t think I have really read poetry since I was studying A-level English Literature. And why not? Poetry is one of those mysterious art forms that can poke at you. And I’m hoping that Home Wrecker will do the same.

The Book

Home Wrecker has a collection of poems to reflect the changing within a woman’s relationships. Relationships are not just romantic or sexual, there are so many different types. Friends, co-workers, your relationship with people online. All of these relationships matter and shape the type of person that you evolve into. It’s not just one huge event which shapes you, it is a series of small ones. Home Wrecker touches on these small little interactions with the world and examines them in poem.

Thoughts on the poems

Poetry is one of those subjective things that can be difficult to explain. But that is why we have poetry in the first place! Being a woman is a highly complex and emotional journey that can be tough to describe. Actually, being a human is tough to describe but the poems in the book focus on those small things that shape a woman.

Thoughts on the Author

Jennifer explores several different types of relationships in this book. This Jennifer’s third book of poetry, her last was more centred on politics and whatnot. Jennifer is a graduate of The University of Greenwich. It was here that she studied Creative Writing and wrote her first collection of poems.


I know a few women who are going through a pretty awful time with relationships. This book could be inspiring to them. There were poems that made me tearful, others made me giggle. With the change that is happening now with women in the world (Harvey Weinstein etc) and how women are fighting for their rights again, this book could not have been released at a better time.

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