7 Experiences in Britain to try


Some people say that in order to become enlightened you must explore the world. What they don’t say is how far you have to travel to become enlighted. Here are 7 incredible experiences you can have without leaving the UK.

Fly high

Soar like a bird over the beautiful countryside and take in some incredible sights with a helicopter tour. Pleasure flights offer a range of themed flights to suit anyone who wants to see the world from a different point of view. You can get packages include tours over the Lake District to tours over Old Trafford stadium.

Visit a museum

Britain has a long history, filled with twists and turns. And where would be better to learn all about it than in a museum? There are museums located all over the country to tell you about anything from Vikings to trains. A lot of the museums are free entry so this is a trip won’t break the bank.

Theme parks

Save your pennies and head to one of Britain’s theme parks for some fun. Alton Towers and Legoland offer great days out for the family with rides, roller coasters, and fun activities for the whole family. And because they are local, you won’t have to spend hours travelling to get to them, meaning more time for fun.

Zoos, aquariums and safari parks

Britain has some of the leading zoos in the world, and many of them take part in breeding programmes. There is always a chance to see some baby animals on your visit. Take a trip to an aquarium and see the diverse range of fish that live off the coast of Britain. Most offer touch-tank experiences so why not pet a shark while you are there? Or head to a safari park and get up close and personal with the wildlife. Whatever you choose, you will be surrounded by beautiful creatures.


All over Britain, there are castles and each has something to say. From Norman fortresses were battles were fought, to more modern manors with tales of scandal. Tour the castle grounds and have a relaxing picnic. If scares are more your idea of fun, some offer haunted tours at night to scare you senseless in a quest to find the ghosts that wander the halls.

Explore the caves

Ever wondered what the world looks like underground? Wonder no more with a journey to the centre of the earth on a cave exploration. If the beauty of the caves, the rock formations, and underground lakes doesn’t impress you, then maybe the legends of witches and fairies who lived there will. Marble Arch caves in Northern Ireland are one of the most popular tourist attractions for cave hunters.

Fiction themed day

Warner Brothers Studio in London has opened its doors to Harry Potter fans around the world. But it doesn’t have to end there. All over Britain, there are tours and exhibits to your favourite movies and TV shows. Take the black taxi ride around London to see the locations of Harry Potter. If Downton Abbey is more your cup of tea, you can take a day coach trip and visit the locations of the show. If the coach trip isn’t enough for you period drama, you can take a Jane Austen walking tour. The tour around Bath will show you some of the places from “Northanger Abbey” and “Persuasion”.

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