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A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind

Have you ever looked at someone else’s house and wondered how they keep their place so tidy? Or worse, they tell you over a cup of coffee that they like cleaning. Well, this is where A Monk’s Guide to a Clean House and Mind comes into play.

The Book

This book is designed to bring you into a more thoughtful approach to how you care for your house. The belief is that if your house is cleaner, your mind should be calmer. And who doesn’t want a bit more of that in their life? The book is divided into different areas of the home and explains why it is important to keep them clean. Cleaning is more than just cleaning, it is about searching for enlightenment and cultivating the mind. Your house is an allegory for your body so you should be keeping it clean every day, or so the book says.

Thoughts on the Book

If you hate cleaning your house, then this is the book for you. When it comes to cleaning, we could all see it far enough at times, especially if we have had a bad day. But in a Buddhist temple, you start your day by cleaning and dusting the space. In a temple, there is no cleaning once the sun has gone down, cleaning is done first thing in the morning as the first activity of the day. And at the end of the day, do a quick tidy so that you wake up to a tidy space again.

Thoughts on the Author

The book has been written by a proper Shin-Buddhist monk, Shouki Matsumoto.  He spends his days at Komyoji Temple in Kamiyacho, Tokyo, Japan. His day starts by cleaning the temple and the grounds. Throughout the book, he talks about what he does every day and why he does it. He also explains the different roles within the temple. Matsumoto is also the representative of the Buddist Youth Association of Komyoji.


This is a great book if you want to have a better home and need a better mindset about cleaning. Everyone is looking to live well and improve their life in some way, this book is definitely a great place to start. the fact that it is written by a real-life Buddhist monk makes the book a lot more credible.  A Monk’s Guide to a Clean House and Mind will make you want to clean, and make you enjoy it too.

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