When One Door Closes …

when one door opens

Fortune opens another door for you. Or at least that’s what how the saying goes.
In reality, when a door closes, you need to check that it’s tightly shut, safe and that it fits into the overall decor. A door, after all, rarely gets you to fulfil your dreams. But it certainly ensures that a room can be accessible at all times, and protected from the intrusion of external elements.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how much you love the idea of finding the door behind which Fortune hides and waits for you. In the real world, there is nothing more pragmatic than a door. It’s an opening and a closing to a surface, and, even though Lady Fortune is rarely behind – unless you live in a Fairy Land – it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take your door seriously. In fact, doors have always been such an important part of the human civilisation, that the first automatic door was recorded during the 1st century AD and created by the Greek scholar Heron of Alexandria in Roman Egypt. In short, there’s always been an interest throughout humanity to find the way of designing the protection for their home privacy. You’ve probably visited monuments and ancient castles or temples with sophisticated, ornate doors. Nowadays, doors don’t receive any attention. They are pieces of wood hinged to the wall and ignored until they need replacing. Isn’t it time to give back to doors the glory and excitement they had in the past? Sure, you may not be in a position to carve a portrait of your family and all the saints in your door, contrary to the noblemen of the past. But what’s stopping you from giving your door some well-deserved love?

when one door opens || green door

Is the door actually tightly shut?

There’s no point having a door if it doesn’t guarantee to keep your home safe. Indeed, a door that can’t be shut properly, let alone locked, represents a potential risk for homeowners, or for tenants sharing a flat/house with a group of people. If your door can’t be secured, you are inevitably vulnerable to a burglary attempt – and you may not be able to claim the damages from your insurance. Consequently, if there’s a door, there must be a way to assess its security efficiently. The most common types of forced entry occur through brute force, using kicking or ramming attacks. The purpose is to compromise the hinges, the siding of the door, and the strike plate to facilitate entry. In short, you want to ensure that your door can withstand the force of the attack. Other criminals choose a more subtle approach and use drilling or cutting to gain entry. The best protection here is to use a sturdy and complex metal lock, as criminal efforts are likely to get loud and interrupted before they can succeed. High-security locks offer a variety of protection, from lock targeting attacks to brute force, as these locks are designed to be resistant.

Can I have a click and shut door?

If you live on the outskirt of town, you’re likely to have room on your front yard for a garage. For a lot of households, the car is parked on the drive, while the garage serves as a storage room for hobby gear and DIY equipment. In reality, it’s best to improve your storage facilities so that you can keep the car safely in the garage. Don’t worry about wasting time every day to open and shut the garage door. You can get automatic doors that are remotely controlled – click here to find out more about these – to combine practicality and gain of time. Ultimately, as the first automatic door was reportedly created some 2,000 years ago, it’s fair to say that humanity has been looking for an easy – or is it lazy? – door opening solution for millennia. Remote controlled doors are also great for your property gate, which means you can just click and drive through. The only thing to consider is a switch that allows you to take manual control when the battery dies!

The curb appeal that wins the deal

Ensuring that your front door is solid and secure is one thing. But nobody wants to live in a house that feels like a metal fortress. You also need to take aesthetic considerations into account, such as your curb appeal. A freshly painted frontdoor can completely transform your home, especially if you choose a bright and friendly colour. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to use accents with selected potted flowers or with your doormat to better highlight your choice of frontdoor paint. Admittedly, when you decide to paint the door, you also need to ensure that the external wall is looking the part too. There’s no point having a beautiful door if the external crepi rendering lets the rain through. Create an appealing ensemble. This is especially helpful when you’re trying to sell your home. But it’s also a good tip for any homeowner who wants to fall back in love with their property.

Paint it black

When was the last time you redecorated a room? Most homeowners choose to give a fresh coat of paint to their interior decor every 3 to 5 years. However, more often than not, they focus their attention on painting the walls only, wondering how to change the atmosphere in the living room with a new wall accent. Have you ever thought of painting your door? If you’ve never painted a door or a door frame before, you might need to check on this handy guideline here. Using two colours on your door frame can create the subtle and yet catchy detail you need to transform your living room – or kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Ultimately, the tip works for every room! Start by removing the door from its hinges, whether you want to paint the frame or the door itself. This will give you better access to all areas, including the side. Make sure to use painter’s tape to protect the wall and the floor, as you will use a kind of paint on the frame that doesn’t wash off easily. When it comes to the door, why not make a statement with a bright colour in a neutral room? For instance, painting your doors in bright blue, pink, purple or even yellow in the hall can completely change the atmosphere of the hallway, from dull to exciting. For kids’ bedrooms, you can even choose to combine two or more colours on the door to create the playful effect you need.

When the door becomes the decor

Admittedly, when you begin to look at your door as a part of your decor, you can become more creative and find alternatives to the standard door. For instance, a sliding door is not only a matter of maximising a small room, but it can also create a modern decor. Using former industrial doors, or even barn door can change your modern home into a trendy urban nest. How about using double doors to elevate your living room to a new glorious height, making the experience feel majestic every time to invite friends for a cuppa. PIvot doors are also a great alternative between rooms or for a door going into the garden. It can let the air circulate in the most fashionable way.

My sweet vintage home

when one door opens || vintage handles

Unless you live in an old house with real wooden doors, it’s likely that you can’t find a vintage door for your property. But you can certainly visit antique fairs to find antique door knobs instead, as these will be compliant with most modern door settings. You can easily replace your door knob, using a tube latch with face plate and strike and your door plates. For security reasons, you might prefer to keep antique door handles on interior doors only and avoiding the replacement on the frontdoor. You can maximise the change with the subtle addition of vintage elements in your home decor. A stylish bathtub that gives a Victorian feel to the room could work for the bathroom, or an antique desk in your home office.

Is a Japanese door right for you?

If you’re looking for something light and poetic, you might be interested in Japanese sliding doors, which are made of a thin paper layer and open wood structure. You can find painted paper too for your door, which can be the perfect addition to your decor. But, you need to be careful as the Japanese doors can be easily damaged. It’s not the best solution if you have young children or active pets!

My mobility-friendly door

Last, but not least, a door gives you access to a new room. Consequently, before considerations of aesthetic, you need to think in terms of accessibility, especially if you have a relative with mobility issues. Large doorways and access platforms are essential door features if your only mean of transport is a mobility scooter or a wheelchair.

In conclusion, when one door closes, a million of decor opportunities make themselves known to homeowners. It’s an art to pick the best solution for your needs.

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