The DIY Projects You Need To Do

the diy projects you need to do

DIY is a skill a lot of us think we’re in short supply of. How do you hammer in a nail accurately? How do you put up wallpaper with no bubbles? How do you reupholster a chair without getting so annoyed with it? However, when it comes down to actually breaking the woodworking bench out, there’s a lot you can get up to, even as a beginner!

What harm can you really do simply trying out your own home renovation projects? After all, you’ve got new doors in, and now it’s time to turn your attention to the other ‘problem’ areas of the house. Don’t worry, all these points are fairly easy to take on on your own, so look into the ideas listed below. Come on, you know you can do better than this because of your creativity!

Your Own Bookshelves

There’s a lot of bookworms out there, and those us of not blessed with the shelf space are probably losing sight of our floors to the hoards of hardbacks we own. And because of that, we need more bookshelves to make sure our houses are still fully functioning, and no one is going to stub quite a few toes or even sprain an ankle tripping over the dozen stacks around the hallway corner.

There are so many ways to incorporate a fun design when it comes to setting up bookshelves, and even just hammering in some wood planks to the wall with a bookend you got from the shop to keep everything together is fine. You’re still exercising your burgeoning DIY muscles! However, you can get a little more creative with it: just get some wall brackets from the store and hang those up for mini shelves littered throughout your home; you never know when you’ll want to grab a book!

Build Your Own Storage Racks

Storage solutions around the home are something we could all do with more of, and instead of crying your way around IKEA because of how much they have in the way of under sofa boxes, it’s time to make your own solutions. You could simply make your own drawers, or get a little more confident and construct entire units and arching structures to keep everything you own in order.

Easily buy yourself some planks from George Hill Timber, which you know will be good quality and easy to work with without knowing any of the expert tips. Then simply get chopping and nailing together for some wall boxes you can stick your handbags and keys on before you go out, or build up your own cubby in the living room to store all the DVDs on with the photo frames and tissue boxes.

Don’t forget to make any of your new creations pretty either! When you’re making something yourself, you’re allowed to cover it in any paint or wallpaper without ruining the ‘aesthetic.’ Not to mention you’re trying to have fun anyway! It’s your home, put some more of your work in!

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