Giving Your Look A Little Edge (Without Completely Reinventing Yourself)

giving your look a little edge without completely reinventing yourself)

As important as it is to own and appreciate your own unique sense of beauty, the need to reinvent yourself every once in a while is perfectly natural and understandable. In our younger years, we’re afforded the freedom experiment with ways of defining our personalities and character through our appearance. As a result, by the time we hit our twenties many of us have experimented with being goths, hipsters, alt girls, punks or any of the other transient subcultures that we fall into in our youth as we struggle to define ourselves by our clothes, our hairstyles and our definitions of beauty. As we get older, however, and accumulate responsibilities, time and necessity can dull the edge of our look. We start dressing with function and comfort in mind, rather than thinking about how our clothing says “This is me!” to the world around us.

Of course, there always has been and always will be more to you as an individual than the clothes on your back. Nonetheless, the responsibilities of work, career and parenthood have a knack of robbing us of the nuances of expression our fashion sense affords and pushes us neatly into the “default Mum” and “default Dad” boxes. Fortunately, if you’re feeling down and dowdy, you don’t have to reinvent yourself from the ground up to bring that sense of edge back to your look. Just stick to the following…

Power up your piercings

Nobody’s expecting you to get a tongue stud or a belly bar to reinvigorate your look. That said, we do have a tendency to overlook our long forgotten pierced dangly bits when it comes to accessorizing our appearances. Get yourself down to Piercing Mania and kit yourself out with some new rings and things to make those pierced parts pop once again. Heck, you don’t even need to push pins through the partially healed tissue of your dangly parts if you don’t want to. A fake septum or nose ring can make a heck of a statement.

Use contrasts to your advantage

You can add edge to your look without any of the cliches like ripped jeans and black nail polish. Simply experiment a little with contrasts. For example, combine some skinny jeans with a baggy hoodie or a gaudily printed tee over a modest plain vest. As with most things fashion, don’t be afraid to embrace the power of layering. Layering the bold on top of the conservative, the light on top of the dark or the shabby on top of the chic is always a win.

The power of repurposing

Another subtle but effective way of giving your look some edge is to use clothes outside of their intended purpose. This is where raiding your husband or boyfriend’s wardrobe can come in handy. A man’s buttoned shirt over a dress is always a flattering fit while a dress over a maxi skirt will make people look twice (in a good way).

When you’re not afraid to experiment with clothes, combinations and accessories, not only can you give your look more edge, you can breathe new life into your wardrobe through the power of repurposing.

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