5 Issues Every Blogger Faces (And How To Deal With Them)

5 issues every blogger faces and how to deal with them

Everyone thinks that blogging is easy. Write down your thoughts, find some cool pictures and voila – job done. However, the reality of blogging is that it’s much more complex than that, especially if blogging is your business.

Even the most successful bloggers encounter problems from time to time. Whether you’re struggling for ideas on what to write or nobody’s reading your blog this week – there are common issues that all bloggers must deal with in their lives. Read more about five issues every blogger faces, and how to deal with them below.

1. Writer’s block

Ever sat at your computer, ready to put in some serious blogging time but come up with nothing? That is writer’s block. Sometimes it can be hard to think of ideas for your blog, especially ones that are new, creative and relevant.

There are several things you can try to help you overcome writer’s block. One good way to ensure that you always have ideas is to keep a list handy. Whether you keep your list on your phone or in a notepad, write down your future blog ideas whenever they come to hand. Start now by trying to write ten blog titles you think could be good for your blog. They might not all be winners, but starting to think about ideas will help other ideas flow to help you get over that writer’s block.

2. Low engagement

Engagement is one of the most used words when talking about blogging. Engagement is important – it helps to develop your readership and shows that what you’re doing is valuable, and a blog that has high engagement is much more attractive to brands looking for influencers to work with.

Boosting your engagement is going to require some effort on your part. It should be a two-way street, so make sure you spend some time each week commenting on other blogs, responding to comments, etc. Ask questions and give people a reason to comment – you’ll feel far less lonely in the blogging world once people start responding to your content.

3. The need for a change

How do you make your blog stand out from the rest? It’s difficult in this growing industry. Blog templates are readily available, which means anyone could have a blog that looks just like yours. A blog refresh can help to give your blog a brand new look and feel – one that’s different to everyone else’s.

Your blog should offer a great experience to your readers. If you’re willing to invest in your blog, then creating a user-centred design could help you to enhance it – especially if you have an online store element to your blog. PRWD offers some incredible analytic and design services that could help you improve your blog. A refresh gives you something to shout about and could help attract new readers to make your blog more popular than ever.

4. Poor readership

The internet can be a fickle place. One minute your blog could be attracting hundreds of views a week, the next – it’s barely entering the double figures. If you’re struggling to attract readers to your blog, then you need to change your approach and develop a promotion strategy that works.

There are some amazing ways you can promote your blog if you’re willing to put some work in. A social media strategy is essential, and you could generate a lot of traffic from your Facebook or Twitter pages. More and more bloggers are seeing the value of using Pinterest to boost their readership, and using scheduling tools like Tailwind makes it even easier to do. A combination of promotional tools will help you to boost your readership and get those views to your blog once more.

5. Negative comments

The majority of the comments left on blogs are positive, affirming and greatly received. There are some however that aren’t quite so welcome. Most bloggers will experience negative comments on their blog at some time or another, and it’s that first one that will probably sting the most.

Dealing with negative blog comments can be difficult. Perhaps you don’t want to confront the person, or you’re scared of escalating things further. If you’re dealing with a troll, it’s probably best to ignore them, while someone genuine who has a criticism could be worth dealing with. Blogs are meant to inspire discussion and debate after all, so don’t feel as though every conversation has to be a positive one.

The world of blogging is a tricky one to navigate, and most of us still don’t really know what we’re doing. Perseverance will help you see it through and help you learn a few lessons along the way. While the challenges can get you down, overcoming them will make you a better blogger in the long run.

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