Simple Storage Ideas for the Bathroom

Simple Storage Ideas for the Bathroom

You may remember a couple of months ago, I re-done the bathroom. And by redone I men “threw some paint at the walls and hoped for the best”. But, despite the fact that I seem to hate doing house stuff, I actually like to have the place looking pretty. Here are some of my favourite ways to organise my bathroom using simple storage ideas that don’t break the budget.

Simple Storage #1- Shelves

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I would be lost without my shelving unit. I have pretty much everything on it, and lets face it, I have a lot of stuff! The units that I have in my bathroom at the minute are upcycled shelves that were about to be dumped, what a waste! A good clean and a lick of paint, they were as good as new. And because they are upcycled, if something spills on the wood, it isn’t as annoying. If you have spend a small fortune on a unit, it is heartbreaking when you get a stain from some unknown liquid. Those shelves, I just clean it up and give it a fresh coat of paint. I will admit, they can get messy sometimes but they are easy enough to clean and tidy when they do get out of hand.

Simple Storage #2- Boxes and baskets

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So, you have a lot of stuff? Not a problem! One of my favourite simple storage ideas is using boxes and baskets. They come in plenty of different sizes, shapes, and materials. My favourite thing to use is my Glossy Box boxes. The pretty pink boxes are actually pretty sturdy too and can hold a lot of stuff. Plus, they come once a month and are free! They will eventually need replacing but that’s ok, just pop them in the recycling when they can’t take any more abuse. I like to write little labels on the outside of the boxes so I can grab stuff easily and without needing to poke through every box until I find the right one.

Simple Storage #3- Jars and pots

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I go through a lot of candles and hate throwing out the glass jars when they are done. So, I decided to start cleaning them out and re-using in the bathroom for my makeup brushes and stuff. Not only are they pretty, but you can also recycle them too when they get boring or you fancy a change. It is also a great excuse to try some different candles out so that you can get jars of different sizes. They can hold anything from toothbrushes to razors.

6 thoughts on “Simple Storage Ideas for the Bathroom

  1. I’m a HUGE simple storage fan. I got a white makeup organizer for my countertop and it makes a huge difference. A place for everything, and everything in its place!

  2. I have found that the dollar store has a lot of great items to use for household organization. Especially items that can be stacked! I know i need to work on the space under my sink.

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