Revamp Your Space For Spring

revamp your space for spring

Now that spring is here we are all looking for ways to brighten up the home and bring that spring spirit into the space. One of the main things you will want to do is add some seasonal touches to the home to make it feel bright, vibrant and full of life. Here are some of the ways you can revamp your space for the spring.

Clear Out

The first thing you will want to do in the home before adding new items is clear out your old ones. If you have a lot of rubbish in the home which needs to be recycled or given away to charity, you need to take the time this weekend to do it. You can read more about disposing of old beds here if you need a new one, and get rid of your old furniture or ornaments which you simply don’t need anymore. Getting rid of rubbish from your home will provide you with a blank, clear canvas so have some fun and add a spring touch.

Light Up

Spring and summer are most people’s favourite time of the year, and this is very likely because of the fact that it is always sunny and bright. If your home current,y isn’t getting much of this sun, you need to take some measures to allow the natural light in to make your home feel fresh and bright. You can look to add in blinds rather than curtains to your room, paint the walls a light and bright colour, and add mirrors to reflect the light into your home. This will all make a massive difference to the space and allow you to feel fresh and happy every day.

Stencil Your Curtains

If you have curtains in any of the rooms in your home, you might want to take the opportunity this season to revamp them and make them more interesting. If you have plain curtains you can have some fun by stencilling a pattern onto them with a coloured dye. It will give your curtains a unique touch and can add a great feature to your home. You could even dip dye your curtains into a bright colour like yellow for an ombré effect.

Go Green

If you want to make your home feel full of the joys of spring, there is nothing better to do than add some green into your space. Every room in the house can be the perfect place for plants. You could have a lovely vase of flowers in the kitchen, a couple of cacti in the bathroom, and in the living room you can go big with a large grass. It will add texture, depth and life to the home instantly.

Pastel Colours

Spring is all about those lovely light colours such as lilac, baby pink, yellow and green. If you want to make your home feel ready for spring you can add some of these items into the space for a sense of light and soft colour. You could add pastel cushions to the sofa, make a garland for your mantlepiece or even get a spring wreath.

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