Freebies || The Beauty Edit || July 2016

beauty edit

Do you know what I love about my job? It’s the free stuff. Every month I get contacted by brands who want me to review their products. And every month, my postman brings me plenty of stuff to test out. But some of the stuff I use I have gotten for free, and you can get it too. This month in the beauty edit, lets talk about freebies.

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Hi, I’m a teenager

Teenagers. Horrible things aren’t they? Walking around with their youth, long hair and rock music. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit over dramatic but teenagers are annoying but not for the reason you would think. Teenagers get so much done in a day it makes me want to vomit. Don’t believe me? I tried a month-long experiment to see if I could fit everything that a teenager does into my adult day. The end results shocked me….

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