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beauty hacks

Beauty hacks are the secrets of the beauty world. Beauty is one of those things that can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. But what if you want to make your beauty routine a bit easier? Here are my top five beauty hacks that have been tried and tested over the years.

Beauty Hacks #1- Washing a beauty blender

When it comes to cleaning a beauty blender (or any other makeup brush for that matter) it’s tempting to buy an expensive cleaner to make sure that your brushes are really clean. But you don’t need a fancy cleaner to get the result you want. All you really need is a cheap bar of soap, the cheaper the better! Using cheap soap will remove the dirt and grime without clogging the brush with moisturiser¬†(or whatever it is they use in soaps these days). You can get a cheap soap from Tesco for 15p from the Value range. All you need to do it get your brushes wet, rub some soap on them, massage the brushes, and rinse. Doing this once a week will keep your brushes clean and germ-free.

Beauty Hacks #2- Old Mascara

I hate to see any product go into the bin but when it comes to mascara, there is a use by date that you should stick to. After a while, germs get into the tube and can cause eye infections, yuk! But you can still use mascara on your eyebrows. Old mascara is a great substitute for brow gel so if you run out (or haven’t decided on which one to get yet) then try this until you can get your fingers on your ultimate brow gel.

Beauty Hacks #3- Old nail polish

Do you have some old nail polish that you like, still want to use, but it’s gone a bit gloppy? Never fear, you can simply revive it. Pour a couple of drops of nail polish remover into your old nail polish, pop the lid back on, and give it a good shake. This will dissolve the polish just a bit and it will become more liquid again. I’ve tried and tested this on some of the oldest nail polishes that I own and every time that I do this, my polishes live to paint another day.

Beauty Hacks #4- Fixing spray

One of the biggest secrets to getting your makeup to last longer is using a fixing spray. If you don’t have a fixing spray, the next best thing is hairspray. Once you have applied your makeup, simply spray a fine mist of hairspray on your face and it will help to keep your makeup in place for longer. Just remember to shut your mouth and don’t breath the spray in.

Beauty Hacks #5- Curlers

Ever fancied doing a wet set but don’t have any rollers? Try using small kitchen sponges. Take a section of your hair and place a sponge at the root of your hair. Wrap the hair around the sponge. Once the section is wrapped around the sponge, fold the sponge in half, and tie it with a hair elastic. Not only is this a cheap alternative to rollers, it’s also very comfortable to sleep with.

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