I tried something with a beauty routine and discovered something interesting

I tried something with a beauty routine and discovered something interesting

Over the last few weeks, I have been trying some different little experiments to try and improve my life. Bit by bit, every week adds on top of each other. This week I tried something with a beauty routine and discovered something about myself.

What was the beauty routine?

The plan was simple. I was going to get up early every day and get ready before the kids and everyone else got out of bed. Simple. I really wanted to walk into the school playground looking like I have my life together instead of my eye being glued shut with sleepy dust and dog breath. My beauty routine was not going to be complicated, it was designed to be the bare minimum of daily grooming with some extras which can be done once a week or month.

  • Shower daily
  • Wash, cleanse and moisturise my face
  • Fresh outfit (no two-day old jeans or bra allowed)
  • Makeup (it doesn’t have to be a full face of contouring, just some light makeup)
  • Hair removal (including eyebrows)
  • Fresh nails (no chipped nail polish allowed)
  • Hair to be washed, dried and styled
  • Lashes to be maintained

The first thing that you will notice is that most of these things are to be done every day, some are weekly tasks. My lashes are lash extensions so I don’t really deal with them myself, I just have to remember to book an appointment to see my super-lash friend Katie to get them done. Showering and hair washing is a daily thing for me but I don’t tend to get showered until 10 or 11 am most days. I do plenty of washing every day so I have no excuses when it comes to fresh clothes. When it came to hair removal, I wanted to use an epilator to get rid of the leg and underarm hair, so once it was removed I wouldn’t have to worry about it for another week or two.

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How did it go?

I’ll be honest, it did not go well, mainly because I had problems getting up in the morning. You see, the weather is starting to turn and I hate getting up when it is cold and dark. I’m one of those people who likes to cocoon myself in the duvet and wait until the sun is up. But, I did notice changes in some areas. As a general rule, I looked like I was a bit more pulled together. I changed my hair colour because the blue isn’t working for me. For the best part of two years, I have been bleaching and dying my hair. My big problem is that people treat you like an idiot when you have multicoloured hair. Honestly, it can be awful at times and it is making me a bit bitter, not gonna lie. I did complete my daily grooming tasks but they didn’t get done until after the school run.

Will I try to keep this going?

Despite the massive failure of not getting up early enough, I would still try and keep at this. The changes that I did make had an amazing effect on my mental health. I didn’t think I had a problem with my moods but apparently I did. Let me explain, at the beginning of the week I had return stuff that I had bought, and despite having a receipt and just wanting to exchange the items for a different size, and I was given a load of crap from the sales assistant. A few days later, I had other stuff to return. This time, I had no receipt and black hair, sales assistances were falling over themselves and couldn’t have been nicer. Same freaking shop and the same freaking staff, completely different results with different coloured hair. My mother says I look scary with black hair, so maybe that was it.

But never mind that, I definitely noticed an improvement in how I was feeling and how other people treated me. This is definitely worth trying out, and it goes to show that some slight changes and a little bit of effort can have a massive improvement on your life.

If you want to try this out for yourself, I’ve made a handy printable which you can buy on Etsy.

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4 thoughts on “I tried something with a beauty routine and discovered something interesting

  1. I try and get up before the kids and make myself half presentable. It’s hard some days and i’ve given up with make up on the school run but that is strangely liberating and my skin is improving. That is so interesting about your hair colour.

  2. I don’t blame you! I’ll be honest, who has time for all of this? Do you and let your beauty routine make you feel amazing, even if you’re in an outfit from yesterday. =) That’s my routine, do what is natural.

  3. This is interesting but in interest of time all of us have sacrificed some of these items at some point. I for one am a huge slacker about facials and I would really like to do one atleast once a month but I cant seem to find time for that one single hour in a span of 30 days! I am hopeless!

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