Empties from the bathroom: May 2016


Another month has been and gone. And looking at the big pile of bottles in front of me, I’m wondering how I have any skin left. But that is the fun of it all, isn’t it? This month I have creams, lotions and potions that have been tested to their limit. That limit came at the bottom of the empty container. Let’s review the empties from the bathroom.

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InstaNatural Stretch Mark and Scar Cream

13263855_10153638085811593_373602229027540306_nInstaNatural Stretch Mark & Scar Cream – Best Formula for Scar Removal & Prevention for Men & Women – Natural & Organic Moisturising Body Cream Treatment – Great for Before & After Pregnancy – 4 OZ

I got sent this ages ago by InstaNatural to try out for a review. It was so long ago, I was working at a different site. But, I tried it, done my review at the time, but then it got popped into the drawer and forgotten about. Not because it was terrible, I was sent other stretch mark stuff to try out. But, I dug it out and started using it again because I waste nothing. I really liked this stuff. It smelt good, it absorbed into the skin, and it was as natural as it could be. The results were ok, it did help to soothe and heal stretch marks but it takes time for you to see the effects. It does need to be continuous use over a period of two weeks minimum. By the time week three was up, the results were really visible. So, although it was a bit slow to start and show the effects, it was worth the wait because it is a natural product.

Superdrug Turquoise Shower Gel


I was in Superdrug one day when I spotted this little beauty on the clearance shelf. I am a big fan of Superdrug because of their animal testing policies. I am also obsessed with turquoise (it is my birth stone). And this was on sale. Of course I was going to buy it. The shower gel smelt really nice and fresh, it could easily have been used by a man or a woman. The only problem I did have with it was the fact it was a bit runny. The first time I used it, I nearly poured half the bottle out. Apart from that, it gave an excellence lather and I was left feeling clean.

L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner Banded Pack 250 ml

I did not mean to buy this stuff. I was a very Silly-Billy one day when I was in Boots and I picked this up by accident. In all fairness, I thought I had lifted the new clay one that had been advertised. In my rush, I saw the blue bottle and lifted it. First of all, I would not buy this again. This is the sort of product that I don’t need. I don’t need any help with my hair thickness. And that is the only reason why I wouldn’t buy it again. I did use because, well, why not? I might as well test it out. It did in fact work and it did make my hair a lot fuller. I really liked the smell of it too. And, it was gentle enough to use every day. I didn’t notice any build up on my hair. Although I wouldn’t buy it again (but that’s just because I don’t need hair thickening stuff) if you feel that you need some extra help in that department, then I would recommend this.

Boots handwash


I had picked this handwash up at the same time I had lifted the above shampoo. I was in a total rush while I was in Boots one day and didn’t have time to ponder upon what handwash to get, so I picked the cheapest one that just so happened to be blue. With four people living in my house and countless guests coming through, I can go through a bottle of handwash in a month, easy. This was cheap and cheerful. It had a nice clean smell, it gave a good lather, and was a decent sized bottle. I really liked this, and even though I picked it up in a hurry, I would buy it again.

Remescar Stretchmark Cream

Remescar Silicone Stretch Marks Cream.

This was another stretch mark cream I was sent to test ages ago. And just like the one at the top of this post, I gave it a go and then had to pop it into the bathroom drawers. This stuff I really loved because it worked so quickly. My stomach looks like the underside of an elderly man’s ball sack (don’t ask how I know what that looks like) so I want quick results. This worked really quickly and within two weeks there was a noticeable improvement in my tummy. What is also great about this, despite being full of chemicals, it can be used from the second month of pregnancy. I have no idea if it works in that situation but it really helped with my existing marks.

Baylis and Harding

Baylis & Harding Skin Natural Spa Trio Set

This body lotion came as part of a gift set that I got at Christmas (I’ve left the link for the entire gift set, I don’t think you can buy it on its own). This stuff, I really liked, which I was surprised at. I had never considered myself a fan of herb smells in the bathroom but this was nice. Maybe it was the mixture of the scents, I don’t know, I just know I liked it. Anyway, the scent was nice and gentle, not overpowering. This made it ideal to wear with any body spray or perfume. As for the moisturising properties, it was pretty good. It absorbed in quickly and didn’t leave me feeling tacky. I would be happy to use this again and wouldn’t be disappointed if this brand showed up in my Christmas stocking again this year.

InstaNatural Argan Oil for Hair

InstaNatural Argan Oil Hair Treatment – Leave-in Conditioner – Best for Colored, Dry & Damaged Hair – Infused with Organic Argan, Coconut & Carrot Seed Oil – 4 OZ

This was another freebie that was sent to me by InstaNatural to try out. I really loved this stuff. And I’m not just saying that. My hair can get really dry at the ends, and let’s face it, we all know how many different products I try out. After a while, all that styling and testing can leave your hair a bit wrecked. So, what I used this for was total repair. I got one of these- Breathable Elastic Band Satin Sleeping Cap FULL SIZE and covered my hair in the oil, popped the cap on, and then went to sleep. When I woke up, I had a shower and was left with silky locks. I managed to get a good few uses out of the bottle before it became one of my empties, so it was good value for money.


Linn Young Silver Light Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Ok, let’s get down to brass tacks with this one. This is a rip off of Thierry Mugler Angel Eau de Parfum for Her – 25 mland let’s not kid ourselves about that fact. The 50-million-dollar-question is, is it any good? First of all it is worth noting that your get a lot for your money with the Silverlight. Silverlight is £9 for 100ml, while Angel is £32 for 25ml. They look the same(ish) and sort of smell the same. I will admit, I did like the Silverlight. It might have been a copy of Angel but it was still decent. I’m not going to dump on it because it is a bit of a rip off. If you like Angel but can’t afford it, then this might be a suitable substitue for you.

Boots 17 Superlash Mascara


I will admit, I probably had this longer than I should have. It probably should have seen the bin ages ago. But, waste not, want not as they say! Anywho. I got this ages ago and it was ok. I will admit, I was not 100% over the moon with it. It didn’t give the wow factor that I have come to expect with mascara these days. But I used it anyway. It was actually good to use when I had flash eyelashes on as a way to blend the flash lashes with my real ones. Once the mascara had gone all icky, instead of binning it (like a normal person) I used it on my eyebrows to help keep them in place. Aren’t I a bit of a minger? But, ya know what? It done the job, for my lashes and my brows.

Vaseline Active Fresh Roll-On


This was a wee bargain buy that I got in the Pound Shop (believe it or not). I am not a fan of roll-on deodorants but I had this as a backup in case I ever ran out of spray. I ran out of spray and was a bit lazy and didn’t bother replacing it because I had this. I now, how lazy of me. But I thought to myself, it’s there, let’s get it finished up. So, what did I think? For a roll-on, it was good. It lasted all day, it smelt nice, but the most important thing was it didn’t leave under my arms really tacky. That is a something that really grinds me the wrong way with roll-on deodorants. I don’t think I would buy it again, mainly because roll-ons aren’t my thing, but I don’t like having the same roll-on twice either. They take forever to use, I have no desire to have the same one looking at me for the rest of time in my bathroom.

Elemis Flash Balm

Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm 50 ml

This was my biggest disappointment in my empties for this month. I had tried out another Elemis product- Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm 50 ml -and I thought that it was the best thing since sliced bread. So I was expecting great things when I got my mitts on this little sample. This was one of the worst things I have ever put on my face. But let me explain. When you put it on, it didn’t absorb very well, and I found myself having to wipe my face because the balm rolled into little balls of cream. I’m not joking. I’m no expert at this beauty thing but a beauty product shouldn’t be that hard to use. Maybe it just didn’t agree with my skin but I was really disappointed with this.

Beauty Protector body lotion


This, I do believe, is a BirchBox exclusive brand. I could be wrong but I think I’m right. This little bottle of cream was really nice. It had a really perfumed smell but it was nice. the plus side to that is that you don’t need perfume when you wear it. This little bottle did not last long enough for me to really get to grips with it but I liked what I saw. If you fancy getting a BirchBox of your own, here is my refer a friend link. You will get £5 worth of Birch Points to spend in the shop when you use the link.

Kueshi Foot Cream


This was another little wonder I got in a BirchBox. If you didn’t know this about me, I hate feet. Like really hate them. So anything that will help keep my feet decent, I’m willing to give it a go. This cream was ok. It had tea tree oil in it so it made the cream a bit drier. I normally use body lotion or something really mositurisng to make my feet like a baby’s bottom. The tea tree oil, while refreshing for the feet, didn’t allow the cream to mosurise the way that I like. It was still good, but not my cup of tea.

Murad Cleanser

Murad Age Reform AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser 200 ml

Where has this brand been all my life?! I am in love with this! I had really dry skin the last while with spots, it was horrible! I used this stuff every couple of days, and oh my lordy! My face was like a baby’s bum! It was so gentle, it just sweeped the dead and dry skin away. It took away the extra oil that was causing spots. It made me look a little bit younger by softening the fine lines around my mouth! This might possibly be one of my new favourite brands if this was anything to go by.

Benefit They’re Real Remover

BENEFIT COSMETICS they’re real! remover FULL SIZE 50.0 ml 1.7 US fl.oz. strip-down waterproof eye makeup remover

Normally when it comes to removing eye makeup at the end of the day, I have real trouble getting all of my eyeliner off. And normally it takes an oily remover to get it all. This was a creamy eye makeup remover that took away all of my mascara and eyeliner without leaving my eyes all gloppy and me walking around half blind. It was actually really nice to have eye makeup remover that wasn’t oily for once. This is one of those products that could end up being a go-to product in the bathroom.

Corsodyl Expanding Floss

Corsodyl Daily Expanding Floss 30m Pack of 3

Ever since I was forced to wear braces as a teenager, I have been a bit mental about my teeth. I did not go through all that pain to have they fall out or get loads of fillings. It just isn’t happening. I do floss my teeth twice a day and decided to try this stuff out. Unlike other floss, this one expands between the teeth to remove a lot more food waste and gunk. And, because it expands, it is a lot gentler on your gums as you won’t (or shouldn’t) cut your gums like you would with the normal plastic stuff.

Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream

Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream – 14.2g/0.5oz

This was a little sample I got from a Benefit Benebride box from BirchBox (do you think I’m a fan of BirchBox?) and I received tree of these little tubs (I think). I really liked this cream as a night eye cream. It didn’t say when to use it, or maybe the writing was that small on the box that I couldn’t read it. Anywho, this was a really nice cream for bedtime. It didn’t glue my eyes together during the night and I did look a bit better in the morning. I have another one of these little tubs to use up but when I am done, I might consider buying it. Maybe not for a while because I have been using these for ages now but one day….

Halo Eye Makeup Remover Pads

Halo Eye Make-up Remover Pads 30’s

More eye makeup remover but this time, in the form of pads. these had come in a Lastest In Beauty box that I done as one of my first YouTube videos. These pads were ok. I’m not gonna lie but they were not suitable for the amount of makeup that I wear on my eyes. Let’s face it, I wear a lot of eye makeup. On the other hand, there was a few days when I only had a little bit of mascara on, bit of eyeshadow, not my usual hardcore amount. On these days when I used these remover pads, they were excellent. So, if you wear a bit of makeup, these are ideal for you at the end of the day. If you wear a milion layers of eye makeup like myself, head back up to the Benefit they’re Real Remover.

Beaver Hydro Conditioner


I was really surprised that this little packet lasted as long as it did. It turns out a little goes a long way with this stuff. I managed to get two uses out of this and was really impressed with what it done to my hair. In all honestly, I would have preferred a slightly bigger sample, not because I’m greedy but I would like to see how everyday use works for it. would I get a build up of conditioner? Or would it just leave my hair silky smooth? We may never know because I can’t even find a link for it on Amazon!

Ren Active 7 Eye Gel

Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel 15ml/0.5oz

This little eye gel from Ren was really good to use at night. I will admit, I’m not a big fan of eye gels because they can take too long to absorb in and can make your eyes sticky if you use it at night. This was really good becaue I wasn’t left with sticky eyes in the morning. I wasn’t so keen on using it in the morning because of the shine that can be left from gels but this one wasn’t too bad. There was a slight shine but it wasn’t tacky and it didn’t prevent me from moving on with putting makeup on.

Yardley Classic Scents

Yardley London English Lavender EDT 125 ml
Yardley English Rose Eau de Toilette – 125 ml
Yardley London Lily of the Valley EDT 125 ml
Yardley London April Violets EDT 125 ml

I am completely in love with these scents for the summer! These are incredible floral scents that smell just as they should. I received a sample pack of four scents but two of them stood out as my favourite. The April Violets smelt just like Parma Violet sweeties (which I love) and the English Rose was just to die for! Don’t get me wrong, the lavender and the Lily of the Valley was really nice too but the others were my favourites. When I was looking on Amazon for the links for you guys, I saw that they have other scents too, including Bluebell and Iris! Yes the links for them are here- Yardley London English Bluebell EDT 125 ml
Iris by Yardley Eau de Toilette Spray 125ml

Body Collection Nail Glue

Body Collection Instant Nail Glue

The last item on my empties list was this little number. This was a pink nail glue that I picked up in the Pound Shop (yes, I love the Pound Shop that) and it was a handy wee bottle. I had picked up some false nails from Claire’s (they were superhero one’s) but the glue that came with them was really pants. So I nipped into the Pound Shop and there was this little lifesaver. The great thing about this stuff was it went on pink but dried clear, so it really helped you see what you were doing. The nails lasted the night but not much longer but for being a cheap bottle of glue, I couldn’t be bad to it.

Well, if you made it right to the bottom of this list, well done because I nearly didn’t. If you fancy giving yourself a laugh you can watch my Empties From the Bathroom videos over on YouTube. Here are the links to parts one, two and three. Yep, big list, needed to do it in three parts over there.

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