My baby wish list

My baby wish list

As you may have heard, I am expecting baby number four. Just because it is baby number four, doesn’t mean that I don’t need stuff. On the contrary, this baby is a little surprise and I have no stuff. So, with this in mind, I’ve made a wish list of the stuff that I could use.

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Double Buggy

Having two kids that are so young means I will need a double buggy for getting out and about. The City Mini double buggy is one of the most lightweight and easiest to use according to various parenting polls. This double buggy is a bit narrower than others so it will make it easier for getting around town and fitting it in the back of the car. It is also suitable from birth so it is great for when you have a newborn and a toddler to juggle.

Side sleeper crib

I love having my babies close when they are small. First of all, it great for bonding and preventing anxiety as a new mum having them close. But, it is also super handy for doing night feeds. Trust when I tell you that having them beside is a whole load easier than having to travel halfway across the house in the dark for some midnight feeding. This pod is perfect because the side of it drops down, making it perfect for co-sleeping without having baby in bed with you (which is very dangerous and can cause cot death, please don’t bring baby into bed with you). It also comes in a range of different colours so you can pick the shade to match your room.

Play Mat

Babies love to explore and the play mat is a classic. Just pop the mat on the floor, pop baby on top, and the lights and sounds will help to stimulate that young mind for a brief moment so that you can have a pee in peace. The colourful pieces can come off and will continue to keep baby entertained until they are mobile. This is a real must for all parents.

Baby Swing


I love baby swings, whoever invented them deserves a Noble Prize in something, possibly the Peace Prize. Let me tell you, as an experienced parent, we need to shower and get a cup of coffee in peace. Sometimes, as much as we love our babies, we need to put them down. Having a baby swing can give you that little bit of freedom to wash your hair without your new baby screaming the house down. Just trust me on this, they are great.

Baby Sling

Ok, so you have the double buggy for getting out and about, the swing and mat so that you can get a shower and look human when you go out, and a crib to keep them close during the night. But, I’m sure you want to keep them close during the day, especially when you have to run about after a toddler. This is where the baby sling comes in. This is a sling that is fully adjustable and makes babywearing really easy. And because it is a big bit of fabric (sort of) you can throw it in the wash at the end of the day to get rid of any spit up and it dries quickly unlike the older style of harness. The older style with all the clips is great when you are out and about because it is sturdy, but this is great for when you are at home.

What do you think? These are some of the essentials that you might want to invest in. What would you add on to your baby list? Let me know in the comments section. Don’t forget to check out some of my other parenting posts.

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