An Ode to the Mom Bod

An Ode to the Mom Bod

At this moment in time, we are in the middle of a heat wave. I have just recovered from three days of heat stroke but I am barely holding on to my sanity during all of this. Last night, I walked through my house in a t-shirt and knickers, something which isn’t a big deal in itself but it is to me. I don’t do things like that because I have a mom bod. It’s like a dad bod but the extra cushion is from having children, not extra portions and beer.

But I realised something as I padded barefooted across my kitchen, I’m supposed to have a mom bod. I’m supposed to be slightly squishy places but it doesn’t mean that I am not healthy. Ladies, we have made babies and it is time to embrace the mom bod and here are some reasons why you should embrace yours.

It takes to much time to get back to pre-baby

If want you want to do is get back to the pre-baby figure, you do you. But for me, after three children, it is an uphill struggle that I don’t have time for. As much as I would love to have my figure back, and I could if I really put my mind to it, but I would probably kill myself in the process. Over the last year I’ve been hitting the gym four hours a week plus running and walking as much as I could, and I still had a belly that would have turned Buddha on. But even though I have a bit of cushion for the da pushin’, it doesn’t mean that I’m not really fit. I just done the London Marathon and probably exercise more now than I did before I had my babies.

I like food

I’m one of those people that goes out to a restaurant and orders the specials to try. I love food, I love good food, and I hate diets. In order to really cut down on fat and carbs to sculpt the body, you will probably have to go on a keto plato vegan lifestyle change that is modelled on the diet of Pan Paniscus. So a mountain of food is off limits. You will have to make a different meal from your family every time, because let’s face it, your little ones will not give up their chicken nuggets to join you with eating leaves and squirrels. As a general rule, I eat pretty healthy because my health is important to me. But if I want a burger and gravy chip from the chippy, you can bet your ass I’ll have one and not feel guilty. And what if your little ones fancy a McD’s? Are you gonna have a salad while they munch on chips? I’ve had a salad from McDonalds and it’s like going to a hooker for a hug.

I have children and no money

Like I have said with the first two points, I could exercise and change my diet to help me reach #bodgoals but who as that type of money to fight against the mom bod? Let’s be honest with ourselves, celebs have personal trainers to get them into tip-top shape again after having a baby. They also work out what you should be eating, or they have a chef to help with that. I wish I had that type of money so I could hire someone to beat my ass into shape. But I don’t. For most us, hiring a personal trainer is not an option because we would rather buy pretty things for our kids. Nothing wrong with that in my book.

It’s not good for our kids

I have a 15-year-old daughter who is going to be finishing up in her last year of school next year. She looks to me for advice and how I treat myself determines how she will treat herself. As my wobbly bum bopped about the house, I had a quick thought about how I would react if she beat herself up like I have. What would I do if I saw her run marathons but complain about the size of her tummy? Or that her thighs were too big? I’d kick her ass for being stupid, I’d remind her that her body is strong and healthy despite some of the flaws that it has. I would be disappointed with myself for allowing her to get so caught up with minor flaws and missing the big picture. Because the big picture is that mom bods are soft but strong and we don’t give them the credit that they deserve.

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