Printable Escape Room with The Murderous Scallywag

Printable Escape Room with The Murderous Scallywag

Escape Rooms are all the rage at the moment and I can see why. Is there anything more exciting than having a puzzle to solve with your friends? Just me and my lot? Fair enough. However, if you like the idea of heading to an Escape Room but don’t like the price, I have the answer to your fun time problems with a printable Escape Room that you can do at home.

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The website has a lot of information on it to help get you into the mood and set the scene for the game. Here are some of the highlights about the game-

Escape Room Game Essentials:

Time To Escape: 1 hour

Number of Players: 1-6

Suitable for Single Player: Yes

Gamemaster: Optional / Not Required

Printable Escape Room with The Murderous Scallywag

The Murderous Scallywag

The year is 1902. The city is awash with villainous gangs, pickpockets and thieves. All very small fry, as there is only one big fish you are after. You and your team of detectives have finally arrested the notorious murderer David “Scallywag” Wallis. Word has it that he has committed around 20 murders. With the hot glow of a bulb glaring in his eyes, sitting in an interview room, you finally make Wallis spill the beans. He tells you that all the evidence you need to pin the murders on him is locked in a safe in a hidden location.

Can you find the location of the hidden safe and the code to open it before the murderer escapes justice?

Printable Escape Room with The Murderous Scallywag

How a Printable Escape Room Works

A printable escape room that you can download and print on your home (or office) printer in colour or black & white! Immediately after purchase, you’ll automatically receive an email with links to download the PDF files to print. This means that you can start as soon as your printer has popped out the sheets of paper.

There are three files:

  • Instructions & Hints
  • Puzzles
  • Solutions

This printable escape room is designed to look great when printed on both a colour printer and a black & white printer. Personally, I like the black and white as it gives it a more detective noir vibe. Like I said earlier, you can play this game without a gamemaster just print the pages and start playing or you can play with a gamemaster they print and hide the pages around a room and give you the hints when requested!

Printable Escape Room with The Murderous Scallywag

How did it go?

I am not the best game master so it is great that you have the option of doing this by yourself or without someone in charge. All of the sheets were easy to follow but they were still capable of taxing your brain. The setup of the game was very easy and quick so this is ideal if you need to throw together a game quickly for some guests. The overall cost is pretty small compared to going to an escape room. Of course, you will need a printer but if you don’t have one, your local library can print out the sheets for a small fee (and it is still cheaper than an escape room experience).

Maybe I am really dumb but I found the clues to be really tricky and I could not play by myself, I definitely needed other people to help me make sense of what was happening. However, the clues are intermediate so if you are lucky to have a few more brain cells than me, this should be a walk in the park. I think this would be a great game to play if you have had a few wines with your dinner and what some fun with your friends. There are a few of my friends who would love to try this out for some shenanigans.

If you would like to try your hand with the Murderous Scallywags, click here and get a free download (free download valid for 30 days from 12th May 2022).

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