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There is something that our parents forget to mention when we were growing up. At some point in your adult life, it is going to become difficult to make new friends. But this is the age of the internet. There are apps for dating, staying in touch with people around the world, and making yourself look like a dog in pictures. But now we have Huggle, a new app designed to help you meet new people.

When you are a kid, it’s so easy to make friends. You were told who to sit beside in school. You bond with the other girls and boys because they have a certain pencil case or lunch box. Then as you get older, you bond over music and fashion. During college and university, you meet people who are studying the same subjects. Your jobs as an adult allow you to meet people.

But at some point, it becomes difficult to connect with people. Just because you work with someone doesn’t mean that you will have anything in common with them. Then, there comes a point, when you realise that your friends are few and far between. And the struggle to meet new people is real.

What does Huggle do?

When I spoke to the few friends that I do have about meeting new people, they all said the same things. “You need to get out”, “join a club”, or “find people who like the same stuff that you like”. That’s all well and good, but I don’t want to start painting nudes in the local community centre (at £90 for a 6-week course) just to meet new people. No harm to the 70-year-old man who poses for the class, but I would rather not have your bum as the talking point to meet new friends.

I’m not alone in this. A lot of people don’t want to join life painting classes, the gym, or a book club just to make friends. But trying to find people who have the same interests can be tough. This is were Huggle comes in. The app lets you see who is around you and who wants to connect. This should not be confused with dating apps, this is for people who want to meet new people and make new friends.

How does Huggle work?

The app is really easy to use. Just download the app and set up a profile. You can link it to your Facebook profile to make it really easy. Once you have your account open, Huggle uses your location to tell you who is nearby, in your local area, that are using the app. You can chat with them, see where they have checked in, and get to know people by their interests. You can add info to your profile in the bio section using words, emojis, or both! Instead of using interests in common, it uses places. So if you do happen to be a gym bunny, you can find out who is in your local gym who uses the app. I used the app while I was having afternoon tea in a vintage cafe, now I can connect with people who also like cheesecake and finger sandwiches from that cafe. Honestly, it would be so cute to have a Huggle tea party in this cafe.


Seriously, look at that cake. I need to make this happen!

Does Huggle work?

I’ve been testing it out for the last while and I’ve been having fun with it. There are only a handful of people in my local area who use the app so I haven’t been connecting with millions of new people. But the people who are on the app have been lovely. These are people who want to meet new people in the hopes of forming new friendships. There is no “inappropriate behaviour” in this app. Overall, I’ve enjoyed using it the last while. It’s been fun connecting with new ladies and forming friendships outside of my normal crowd. This could be the new way for people to connect and could be the next step in forming new friendships.

If you want to try Huggle out for yourself, they have information on their website and links to the apps store. It’s free to download and use!

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